Thursday, March 15, 2012

Texas Roadhouse!

I got another job!! :-) 

I applied at a place called Texas Roadhouse when I was 16 (about 3 weeks before my 17th birthday) and I was too young to be hired. However, the manager told me to go back when I was 17, and so I did! I went back and went through three different interviews with three different managers/owners and I got hired!

I don't think this is exactly the one I am working at, but it looks the same!

I start this week, and today I am going through Orientation. Should be a ton of fun!!

Please pray for me that I can do my school full-heartily, work hard at Texas Roadhouse, stay close to the Lord, and learn a ton of experience!

Thanks a ton,
God bless,

P.S. I have been writing some blog posts (as well as a bunch of other awesome authors) on a new blog called Dedicated Christians! Go to to read what we've been doing! Thanks!!

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