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Captain America: The first Avenger

This movie started out exciting, has some great fighting scenes. It is rated PG-13 though, and here's why.

There are several kissing scenes in this movie, and some blood is shown. A lot of people get shot, and a lot of hand to hand combat fights are shown.
A man's face is skinless, due to "being in hell".

Overall is was an entertaining movie, the ending was a bit stupid, but I won't tell you what happens, you'll have to go see for yourself! :D

Here's the trailer, thanks for reading!

Mega Mind

I watched this movie from the red box, and I have to say I was disappointed. :-) I must say that the commercials make it seem funnier than it really is. I was hoping for a lot of great laughs, when all I got was a really corny child's movie that didn't make much sense.

The Ending was really lame, having an entire city dance to karaoke.

There was a kissing scene, but there is nothing at all appealing to watch 2 cartoons (1 blue big headed dude and 1 white girl) kissing each I skipped that part. :P

Here is the review, I would recommend this movie to anyone, although adults and teenagers might find it boring.

The Eagle

I got this movie from the Redbox, and the dvd allowed you to watch the movie in Theatrical Version, or the unrated version. So we watched it in the Theatrical Version. It is PG-13.

There was a lot of close combat fighting in this movie. A lot of blood and flesh was shown.

The movie was about a young commander who wanted to bring back The Eagle, of which his father lost. He also wants to give His father a good name.

It's an exciting movie, but I think the producers did a poor job on the ending.

There is Roman Religion in it.

Source Code

The movie was very confusing, and I didn't fully understand it even after finishing the movie. But it was very exciting, and once you understand most of it, it's also very interesting!

The movie has 2 kissing scenes, but they only play out for about 2-4 seconds each.

There is a couple swear words that the main character shouts, which include the F and S words.

There is also a scene where two people get shot, and they lie on the ground dying.

Two fist fighting scenes appear in the middle of the movie, along with a guy getting punched in the face, blood is shown.

Over all it was a good movie, I would recommend it for people over age 13, only because of the swear words and some "graphic" fight scenes.

I have personally seen all these videos in either Theaters or on DVD. Below is my review on each movie that I have seen. Enjoy!

Winnie The Pooh

This is the Trailer for the movie. I wouldn't normally go to movies like this, only because it's extremely boring. :-) But I have a reputation for being like "Eeyore" so my mom wanted me to go see it.

There were some funny parts, and my little brothers and sisters all laughed along through the show.

But it's not worth the price...The movie is about 45-60 minutes long, and for $5-$10 a ticket, it's not worth it.

I would recommend this movie to all ages.

Battle Los Angeles

I am number Four

This movie is exciting, but as do most movies, it has it's flaws...

There is a couple kissing scenes in the movie. There is also a couple scenes where the main character is at a beach and there are teenagers who are wearing bikinis.

There is some graphic fight scenes too, along with some ugly aliens who come to earth and fight.

I would only recommend this movie to people 13 and older, but if your child/sibling gets nightmares easily, I would not recommend this movie for them at all.

Kung Fu Panda 2

I have watched both Kung Fu Panda 1 and 2, but I just saw #2 recently.

It's a funny movie, with several lines that will be you crack up.
The bad side to this movie, is that there is some Kung Fu Religion in it, not bowing to false gods or anything like that, but they are teaching the message of an "inner peace"

There is some creatures with "scary faces", that might give a child nightmares, depending on his/her age.

I would recommend this movie to all ages above 5.


This movie is very exciting, but it does have it's flaws...

There is false religion throughout the movie, giving the idea of different worlds, above the universe. Asgard is the kingdom, and the ruler to be, is the god of thunder.

There is a scene where Thor takes off his shirt, and there is a couple kissing scenes. There is also one inappropriate joke about Thor's body.

There are several fighting scenes, where Thor and his friends are fighting strange creatures from another world.

I wouldn't recommend this movie, but if you wanted to watch it, I would say you should at least be 13 years or older to see it.


Tron is pretty much a harmless movie. It's a remake of a Movie that was made in 1982.

There is a scene (that you can kinda see in the trailer) where to "programs" remove Kevin Flynn's clothing and put on a special suit to fight in. The Programs are girls and all you can see on Flynn, is his boxers.

The movie is a fun, exciting movie that I would recommend to all ages 5 and up.