Sunday, February 27, 2011


Yep, you read that title right, I'm quitting Jet's Pizza. The first job to give me continual income, it was fun while it lasted, but now things have changed.

My original boss was fired 3 months ago for harassment, then a couple more managers got fired, and now we have 2 new managers who don't seem to be able to control the employees...

I have two Managers, and two "shift-leaders" that are in charge of me, that is pretty tough. One of the managers is taking deliveries, and isn't paying attention to the store, the other manager is in his own little world. He won't tell anybody to do anything, he won't be a leader. So, that give one of the shift-leaders the ability to "butt" in and take over...

A lot of the employees are unruly, some of them tease the girls that work there by hitting them, and some of the employees buy cigarettes and beer/alcohol for the girls...

The two owners are not around anymore, why? Because their building a new store...I will have to discuss this with them before/while I quit, and I'm sure it'll be tough!

I applied at Baker's Square again, and I am going to call them this morning to see if the have looked at my Application. I also want to apply at Target, which I might do today, if Baker's Square doesn't have any positions.

Well, on the "good" side of this week,

I bought a new air soft gun.

This Sniper Rifle is normally, $250.00, but I got it for only $100! Sports Authority is having a sale on all of their outlet items!

I got this Air soft rifle, because we will soon be fighting a couple of new friends we got to meet! They have some pretty cool guns, and I can't wait to have a war with them! :-)

Well, I better get going, Today includes shopping, chores, and going to work at Jet's.... :-(


Sunday, February 20, 2011

A Tag...

My cousin tagged me, so I am going to answer five questions about Valentines Day ( not my "all-time" favorite holiday!) :-)

1. Do you have any special Valentine traditions?
Nope, we don't do to much, school, maybe some chores, that's pretty much it. It's a "normal" day for us.

2. Do you eat so much candy on Valentines day that you could barf?
I eat some, the day after Valentines day, but never enough to make me want to barf! :-) It would take a lot of candy to make me want to barf! :-P

3. Do you give away valentines?
No, that's not my kind of thing....

4. What are your top three favorite colors?
Green, Black, Red

5. What are your top three favorite holidays?
Thanksgiving, and Easter...don't have a 3rd...

Well, I got tagged, now I have to tag someone! But I don't think I will...

Have a great week everyone!


Sunday, February 13, 2011

What's been going on?

Hi all!

I have been taking some time off, writing on my blog, all I have been doing is posting videos, which is not what I want for this blog, so I decided to stop!             :-)

I have been doing all right in school these past few weeks, the hardest subject has been Vocabulary, I'm not very good at "memorizing", or maybe I just don't WANT to be good at it!

At work, it's been crazy!

My previous Manager got fired, I am so glad, he really got on my nerves a lot, why? As you know, I'm a big/tall 15 year old guy, and my manager was a small 35 year old man. He was intimidated by me, so he tried to make my life hard at work; correcting everything I did, criticizing everything I did, it just went on and on and on...

Then my "big" Boss, got word that I was looking for a new job. How he found that out, I still haven't a clue, but he's been "extra-nice" to me lately. Asking me if I have enough hours, sticking up for me when an argument comes up, gives me stuff, it's kinda strange!

Another employee, Ashley, is quitting. She decided to get a different job as a server, she will get paid almost twice as much as she gets now, so she's pretty happy. But my boss is pretty ticked off, she has been working since day 1 (like me) and she knows her way inside and out of the store. It'll be hard to train/find another responsible employee to take her place.

Change of subject, we have all been sick lately, a cold, yuck. I hate being sick, why? Because I can't work at my fullest. My dad and I decided to work-out after I work. We'll go to the YMCA and work-out for around 30 minutes. But I can't work-out to my Maximum, if I have a sore throat and a stuffed up nose!  :-)   I'm hoping we'll go tonight, I work from 5:00pm - 9:00pm.

My goal for this "year is to lose at least 50lbs. It'll take some work, and my problem isn't the "working-out" part, it's the "eating" part. I work enough, but I eat a lot. But I've been doing good so far, so we'll see how it goes. Last year in the summer I drank a 2ltr of pop almost every day, see how that could get fattening? Not so much pop for me! :-)

Well, I better go, I'm going bowling today, my high this week was 175!

Have a good week everyone!