Sunday, July 31, 2011

Source Code

We recently just watched Source Code, a movie that came out in Theaters last month. My dad rented it from the Red box, and I thought I would share my review on the movie with you all.

The movie was very confusing, and I didn't fully understand it even after finishing the movie. But it was very exciting, and once you understand most of it, it's also very interesting!

The movie has 2 kissing scenes, but they only play out for about 2-4 seconds each.

There is a couple swear words that the main character shouts, which include the F and S words.

There is also a scene where two people get shot, and they lie on the ground dying.

Two fist fighting scenes appear in the middle of the movie, along with a guy getting punched in the face, blood is shown.

Over all it was a good movie, I would recommend it for people over age 13, only because of the swear words and some "graphic" fight scenes.

Thanks for reading!

God bless,

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Winnie the Pooh

This is the Trailer for the movie. I wouldn't normally go to movies like this, only because it's extremely boring. :-) But I have a reputation for being like "Eeyore" so my mom wanted me to go see it.

There were some funny parts, and my little brothers and sisters all laughed along through the show.

But it's not worth the price...The movie is about 45-60 minutes long, and for $5-$10 a ticket, it's not worth it.

Hope you all like my short review! :-)

God bless,

Valley Fair!

Yesterday I went to Valley Fair with some friends, above you can see them. :-) It was awesome!

We went on every ride we could fit on, leaving behind of course the children rides.

My favorite ride was the Steel Venom. Below is a video I found on YouTube that shows what the ride it like!

We also went on several roller coasters, and several other rides that gave us all a scare.

We had an awesome time, but we were always thirsty. They do have drinking fountains, but only in "some" locations. If you wanted to buy a 20 oz. water bottle, you would need $3.25.....that's how much 6 gulps of water is... :P

Well, I'm off to go see Winnie the Pooh in theaters, I'll post a review tomorrow!

God bless,

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Root Beer Milk???

It's true! Has anyone seen Root Beer Milk in stores? I did, and I got some. This is just a short review post.

I love Root Beer, it's my favorite drink. But milk is a close second, that's why I had to try it! :-)

It kinda tastes like a melted Root Beer Float...that's not carbonated... :-)

You all should try it, you might like it, no guarantees!

God bless,

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Returning to Bogger

This summer I have been very busy, but that's no excuse to give up blogging, :-) I just decided to stop.

But I'm gonna get back into it, more so because I want to share with you the adventures that will take place during my school year.

I am going to start PSEO, a great program allowing me to take 2 years of college while I finish my high school.
I will be getting a degree in Business, my dream is to one day own my own restaurant when I grow up.

This summer has been packed with lots of fun but also a lot of struggles through my walk with Jesus, and moving forward in my life.

You may remember a few posts ago (3-4 months ago) that I quit my job at Jet's Pizza...Well, I went back.
You may also remember that I left because I was tired of all the immoral things that went on during my work. Well, most of that has changed.

Over 80% of the employees I disliked are gone, either quit or fired. Only 1 more remains, but the person doesn't make a big enough impact on me to cause me to fall off the Path.

I went back to Jet's Pizza, because I needed money. I have Insurance to pay for, which I am blessed to be paying only $50 a month. I also have to buy a laptop for College, and a new bike, to go to and from work, or for exercise. My bike is falling apart, both tires are flat and the gears are all messed up.

The Lord answered my prayer and gave me some great friends my age. We have also been hanging out with them a lot this summer, we see them about 2 times a week.

I am also going to Valley Fair Next week, with the "great friends", next week. :-)

Anyway, a short post, but I just wanted to get "into" blogging again.

Thanks for reading, and God bless,