Thursday, September 29, 2011

50 Pieces of Gum!

Hey all, here is another movie of me! :-) This is fun!
Here I chewed 50 pieces of gum, I chewed it during the movie a little bit, but then I chewed it for about 2 minutes after I was finished recording. I would have gone longer, but my mouth hurt, and my tongue was getting scratched up from all the sugar.

Here is the movie, enjoy!

To answer the question for my latest poll: My favorite class in college (so far) is Intro to Business. I want to own my own business when I grow up, and this class strengths and gives excellent advice to starting, running, and finishing a business. :-)

To answer a comment on the next post; I'm not sure what I am going to do next, any ideas followers?? Comment below and give me an idea(s) about what I should do for my next movie. Whether it's disgusting, weird, crazy, dumb, stupid, silly, shocking, or painful, comment below with your idea! I would love to hear what you have in mind. :-P

Thanks for reading and watching!

Have an awesome weekend,


I ate grass!!!!

Hey all, here's a little movie of me eating grass! :-)

Hope you all enjoy this movie, it's kinda gross if you listen to my chewing sounds, but it was something I wanted to try! :-) Today I'm also going to try to chew over 50 peices of gum!


Thursday, September 22, 2011

Hello all!

Hey all, this is just a little update to let you all know how I'm doing. :-)

I am currently overwhelmed with homework, from my college classes. It's hard, but I seem to be getting through them over the weeks. There's just no end to schoolwork!

If you look on the top of my blog, you'll notice the section called "Weird Stuff". Well, there is a 3 after the title, and that just shows you how many weird things are in that section. Every time I put a new video or picture in there, I will update that number. I plan on doing a lot more weird things in the next few days/weeks. Like chewing 5 different kinds of bubble gum, or chewing 100 pieces of gum and blowing a bubble. Eating paper, grass, tree bark, anything that looks interesting! :-)

I just love doing weird things, I think it makes my life feel more exciting when I'm in a dull moment. Today I put over 25 carrots in my mouth, all chopped up to be about 1/4 of a large carrot you can get from the grocery store. Tomorrow I want to make a grass salad. That will be on video, so be ready to see that number next to the title, "weird stuff" move up!

Thanks for reading, enjoy your weekend!


Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Answers to Previous Polls

I am currently taking 12 credits in college, 4 classes.

I would rather play airsoft with my friends than eat dinner.


Good job guys, can you guess the next one?


Go Big Review!

Hey all, I got to review a book called Go Big!

Now, it's my first review, so don't laugh if it isn't too good. :-)

This book was fun to read, and the author wrote the book in a very personal way.

The book is about a group of guys, all friends, who decide to make the impossible shots in basketball. Their shots are amazing, and it's impressive to see their imagination of how to shoot a basketball into a basket.

Have you read the book, "Do Hard Things" by Alex and Brett Harris? This book is similar to that book, except this is a book explaining their whole journey, and how the accomplished their impossible shots without giving up.

One of my favorite quotes out of the book, was an experience that the whole team had while in the process of their program. "Don't talk yourself out of a Go Big idea by sitting on it for too long. Again, don't blink. Act."

There are several cool things that were written by these team members into this book, that they experienced while working through the process of their Go Big Idea. Friendship, Teamwork, the feeling of giving up, inspiring others to do great things, and more.

There is sections you can write in, the author asks you questions in the book, about your personal life. It helps you personally see your own life through what their teaching, it's really cool and interesting!   :-)

The author, Cory  Cotton, was a very good writer, the way he wrote was very interesting. While taking college classes, one of them is English, and I learned, that writing with a lot of "Voice" is very important while writing. "Voice" is the ability to see what the author is feeling when he is writing the book/paper. "Voice" can be the ability to feel, sense and think the way the author is feeling in the book. Mr. Cotten has a lot of Voice in this book, and it was a really great read.

Plus it's all about basketball, throwing balls into a basket ball hoop from a building, plane, and other stuff that I won't tell you because I don't want you to be spoiled.

You must read this book! It's great!

Tyndale House Publishers has provided me with a complimentary copy of this book.

Thanks for reading my blog review, hopefully you enjoyed it!

Josiah Blanchard

Sunday, September 18, 2011

The first winner!

Hey all!

Remember the contest I posted? The first 3 people who color their hair and send me a picture get a $5.00 gift card!!

Tori was the first winner, there's still two winner prizes available!

Oranger, with yellow and purple spots!

The pictures are a little fuzzy
Go to my last post to see how you too can win a $5.00 gift card?

Tori won a $5.00 gift card to Starbucks! :-) Congratulations!

God bless all, and make sure you look at my previous post to see how you can win too!


Monday, September 12, 2011

I colored my hair!

Hi guys, here's a bunch of pictures of what I have been doing today. :-)

3 colors: Green, pink, and blue!

I look so cool...

Jonathan my brother, got a blue hairdo!

My sister, Taliah got pink!

My sister, Tirzah did it too...she originally wanted pink, but my mom kinda went crazy! :-) With my help
Group Shot!

Kinda blocked Solomon, my brother.

It was fun!
This all started when my sister, Tirzah, dared me to dye my hair. So I accepted! :-) I thought it would be fun to spray my other sibilings hair too, so with my mom's help, we have a multi-color family! :D

Sorry I haven't been blogging much, I have been extremly busy with school. I just finished my school for last week, and I get to start all over again with not much of a break.

But today has been somewhat relaxing, and I just enjoy finishing my assignments.

The answers to the polls on the side of my blog!!

I lost 9 pounds while I was on my 104 fever.
I dyed my hair 3 different colors, most of you didn't want to dye there hair any colors, but hopefully after you saw these pictures, and you read my FIRST CONTEST, you'll change your mind!

Here's the first contest! Dye your hair a certain color! :-)

The folowing colors must be used to dye your hair or it won't count.

Red, Blue, Pink, Green, Orange, White (only if your orignal hair is not white) and Yellow (only if your hair is not blonde.)

Brown and Black are not allowed.

The first 3 people who send in your pictures will receive a $5.00 gift card to either DairyQueen or Starbucks Coffee.


1. My sibilings do not count for this contest. :D
2. You must send in 2 pictures, 1 before the spray paint, and 1 after the paint is on your hair.
3. Please send in the name, age, and address you wish me to send in your gift card.
4. One member allowed to enter in your household. (I want a couple different people from different families)
5. Must be a recent photo. Not one you did a long time ago, at a younger age. One you did today, tomorrow, or next week.

I will be posting the picture you send in

Thursday, September 1, 2011

I'm Back!

Hi all! Sorry I haven't posted anything in awhile...been kinda sick, and I've been busy getting ready for college. :-)

First of all, I had a fever of 103-104 for a couple of days. I didn't feel so great, I laid in bed a lot, and I sweated large amounts of water.

I also forgot a lot, such as, what day it was, what time it was, I even forgot stuff people told me! :-)

But right now, I'm getting better, just got a croupy cough.

I also got my school books last week! Here's a picture below!

You can read some of the labels, but the top 4 are all books for English, then theirs a business book, a workbook and a study guide for Macro Economics and last but not least, a book for Interpersonal Communication.

All these books normally cost a little over $500, but because I'm enrolled in PSEO, I get them for free if I return them! :-) Doesn't get much cheaper than that!

I am still waiting for decorations for Halloween to come out, why? Well, I got dared by a "sister" to dye my hair multiple colors, I agreed, but it's taking awhile for the paint to come out....
I will definitely share a video of me either putting on the spray or the spray on me afterwards...

NOW, the answers to the polls on the side of my blog,

I am 6' 5" I am almost 6' 6"...but not quite...

My favorite Book in the Bible is Psalms, it used to be Revelation, but the book of Psalms has shown me a lot during my struggle in this ungodly world...

I am sorry about the delay in the "contest" throat it still choked up from being sick, but I will post a contest! :-)

(Maybe I should torture you all to see who can color die their hair the most colors! Girls = automatic win)

Well, signing off, its time for dinner!

God bless all,