Monday, January 31, 2011

Some "incredible" Bowling shots!

Some cool random bowling shots!

And some accidents....

Bakers Square

Have you ever heard of this restaurant? It's near Jet's Pizza, so I can ride my bike to it, in the summer.
I am going to call today to see what their minimum hiring age is. I hope to be hired as a Bus Boy.

Every time I go into Jet's I feel miserable, I think I just need something new to work on...

Another personal topic: School

As a home schooled kid, I never got Summer off, because we took several weeks off of school here and there to help our mom with stuff. But this year is different! We have been faithful and been working at our school, hardly taking breaks through the year, we have completed enough school to take summer off! I am so excited, I hope not only to work longer hours, to earn extra money, but I also hope to spend some time with some new friends I am getting to know. Two Teenagers, same age as Jonah and I, and the same height! :- )

Hope you all have a wonderful day!


Sunday, January 30, 2011

Something to make you laugh!

Children are a delight from the Lord! You can not watch these videos withour laughing!

Friday, January 21, 2011

A busy week!

I've had one busy week! We went to Wisconsin on Monday, we went to Scheels, a sportsmen store, it was pretty cool, and I bought myself another knife for my collection. The knife is called "The Pig Sticker"

Not the best knife, but it was worth the $15!
Tuesday I had my first Behind The Wheel Lesson. My instructor, Sean, was an awesome teacher! He was about 25 years old, and he taught me several tips on how to drive better. He said I did above "average" because my good merging on the Highway, and good parallel parking job.

Wednesday was just a normal day, I went bowling, and went to work in the evening.

Thursday was a fun day, interesting day. I got my swords in the mail, I bought them on I was pretty excited getting these in the mail, at age 14, I didn't buy myself any toys. Don't get me wrong, toys are great, but I didn't want to use my hard working money on toys, instead, I bought food....I know, right? Bad Decision....

I bought two, Vision Forum sold them for $50

This is me, attempting to take a picture of myself in the mirror...

This one is a little better, but it could go without the "weird" face!
 We also sold our dog, Mocha. She was a pesky dog, she always found a way to get into trouble. Peeing on the floor, chewing on the Cable Wires outside, chewing on our garden pots, pulling our raspberry plants out of the ground, and several other "little" we sold her to a nice family in Wisconsin, they live on a lot of property, so she will be able to run around and get her energy out.

Today, is Friday, I'll be doing school in the morning, and then my family and I will go shopping after Lunch. Jonah and I both work at 4:00pm tonight.

We are both getting tired of our fellow employees, several of the Delivery drivers are trying to dominate us, trying to take our jobs, etc. Sigh...It's time to find a new job, I've been praying and looking around for another job, but so far, no luck.

Well, Hope you all have a wonderful Weekend!


Friday, January 14, 2011

Changes to our room

Another little post about me, but this time, it's about my room, not my stomach!


 Jonah, my brother, and I share a room, we have since we were little kids.

I sleep on the bottom bunk, my brother is on the top.
  Jonah and I have always loved knives, but now because we have a job, we decided to go bigger, so we got a couple swords...
This is my brother's sword, it's above our window

These are my swords
 We still have room for our walls for some other swords/knives, which we plan to buy soon. Jonah and I just bought 4 practicing swords from Vision Forum yesterday. We plan to stick the hard plastic swords on our wall just like the ones above.

This is my brother's knife, it's one of his favorite in his "collection" it's above our doorway.

This is our gun rack, we plan to buy some old/civil war type guns for this shelf.

To the left is our Gun Rack, and to the right is our Hat Rack

These are some of our books we have in our room
  We have a lot of books in our room, probably about 200 - 300, and yes, we have read about 3/4 of them!

This is another shelf with about two hundred books and some odd and end items.
  If you want to know where we got these cool swords, go to and start searching!

I'll post pictures of the swords that are coming in the mail.

Have a great weekend everyone!


Monday, January 10, 2011

A Little More About Me

Through out my life I have always gotten called a "Big Boy". Not only because of my height, but because I'm overweight. I don't really mind the nickname, but the reason I am a "Big Boy" is because I love food, my parents say it's all I ever think about, which isn't true... :D

Anyway, how did I come by loving food? My mom, that's the answer. My mom makes the best food in the world. It's amazing! :D

I thought I would use this post to mention my favorite foods. :D All of this is Home Made, well, Mom Made that is! :D

Chili - Chips

Enchiladas - Beans - Rice

Cinnamon Rolls

Turkey - Stuffing - Mashed Potatoes

Roast Beef - Mash potatoes - Wheat Rolls

Macaroni and Cheese (Yes, my mom can make this too! Delicious! The more cheese the better!)

Fried Rice

Barbecue Chicken Sandwiches


Broccoli, Cauliflower Soup - Grilled Cheese sandwiches

That's just a few of my favorite foods! :D

Thanks for reading.


Friday, January 7, 2011

Optical illusions

Here are some optical illusions for you all to try out! :-) Have fun!

Look at it, It'll start to move!

Look around the picture, the circles get bigger!

Do you see a lion, or a hand print?

Their moving!

Which do you see? A man, or a knight with a beautiful scenery?

Can't "Time" go any faster???

These past few months I have been trying to "rush" my life. I want to be older, faster, want to become an adult quicker, etc. It's nerve racking!

Recently I have been looking online for a car to buy. I want a 4x4 truck, suburban or a blazer. Something I could use while going hunting. A nice, used car goes for about $1,500-$2,500, and I only have $1,000. I just tried to buy a car the other day, but the more and more I thought about it, I decided I shouldn't, why?

1. I don't have enough money, I would have to go into debt...(with my parents)
2. I don't even have a driving licence yet! (See how I am kinda rushing my life?)
3. We don't have room for another car, right now anyway.

So, I decided to stop looking around for a car, and keep saving my money, but I still wish my life was moving a little faster.

I became a "manager" at work the other day, I get to do everything a "adult" manager does, I just don't get paid the same, or work the same amount of hours. Which I am fine with! But becoming a manager at 15 only makes me wish I was older because then I would be able to work more hours, and get paid way more! :-)

I know this post might seem a little, "out of the ordinary" but this blog is kinda like a journal for me, this is how I'm feeling, so I'm just writing it all down. :-)

Have a great day guys!


Monday, January 3, 2011

Just DEAL with it!

Earlier in my "teenage" life, I hated science, and math. Why? Because I thought they were worthless! I didn't know why I had to learn all those facts, theories, numbers and equations for a normal job when I grew up. 




 But about 2 months ago, I decided just to deal with it. I needed to stop acting lazy, I watched TV all the time, instead of studying.  

So this year, I have decided to not watch so much TV, and to finish school, with effort!  

That's kinda like my "New Year's Resolution" What's yours?

Have a great day!!

~ Josiah

Sunday, January 2, 2011

World's Most Expensive Cars!

$2.6 million



$1.5 million

$1.4 million

Priceless! Made completely out of white gold, and diamonds!



Here's the Trailer of the movie I just watched, it was an interesting film, but I thought it was kinda lame how the story played out.

This movie just proved that nothing is "new" under the sun. The producers copied stories in the Bible, and wrapped it into a 20th century movie.

There was a lot of action, and lots of cool graphics. All in all, I thought it was worth the $10.00 to go see in 3-D.

Have a good one guys, hope you get a chance to watch it! :D