Friday, January 21, 2011

A busy week!

I've had one busy week! We went to Wisconsin on Monday, we went to Scheels, a sportsmen store, it was pretty cool, and I bought myself another knife for my collection. The knife is called "The Pig Sticker"

Not the best knife, but it was worth the $15!
Tuesday I had my first Behind The Wheel Lesson. My instructor, Sean, was an awesome teacher! He was about 25 years old, and he taught me several tips on how to drive better. He said I did above "average" because my good merging on the Highway, and good parallel parking job.

Wednesday was just a normal day, I went bowling, and went to work in the evening.

Thursday was a fun day, interesting day. I got my swords in the mail, I bought them on I was pretty excited getting these in the mail, at age 14, I didn't buy myself any toys. Don't get me wrong, toys are great, but I didn't want to use my hard working money on toys, instead, I bought food....I know, right? Bad Decision....

I bought two, Vision Forum sold them for $50

This is me, attempting to take a picture of myself in the mirror...

This one is a little better, but it could go without the "weird" face!
 We also sold our dog, Mocha. She was a pesky dog, she always found a way to get into trouble. Peeing on the floor, chewing on the Cable Wires outside, chewing on our garden pots, pulling our raspberry plants out of the ground, and several other "little" we sold her to a nice family in Wisconsin, they live on a lot of property, so she will be able to run around and get her energy out.

Today, is Friday, I'll be doing school in the morning, and then my family and I will go shopping after Lunch. Jonah and I both work at 4:00pm tonight.

We are both getting tired of our fellow employees, several of the Delivery drivers are trying to dominate us, trying to take our jobs, etc. Sigh...It's time to find a new job, I've been praying and looking around for another job, but so far, no luck.

Well, Hope you all have a wonderful Weekend!



The Pendletons said...

Your new swords are cool! So is the pig sticker. Our favorite outdoor shop is BassPro Shops. Do y'all have any up there?
I'll pray that you find another job soon.

William Wallace said...

Hi Josiah!

That is a cool knife and cool swords!

I bet it is cool to drive!

God Bless,