Monday, January 3, 2011

Just DEAL with it!

Earlier in my "teenage" life, I hated science, and math. Why? Because I thought they were worthless! I didn't know why I had to learn all those facts, theories, numbers and equations for a normal job when I grew up. 




 But about 2 months ago, I decided just to deal with it. I needed to stop acting lazy, I watched TV all the time, instead of studying.  

So this year, I have decided to not watch so much TV, and to finish school, with effort!  

That's kinda like my "New Year's Resolution" What's yours?

Have a great day!!

~ Josiah


The Pendletons said...

Yep! I pretty much did the same thing with my school. I used to not like school. But I think that it is because I just told myself that I couldn't do it! Then...I buckled down and my grades are great! Of course, it is only by God's grace. :)

Michael said...

You are way ahead of me Josiah... I am very proud of you. It took me much longer to recognize the wisdom of the Lord and respond to it in this way. You are awesome!