Saturday, July 13, 2013

Hey all!!

Now I'm 18 years old, things have happened like crazy!! Here's a little wrap-up of what's been going on since I've last blogged!!

1. I am now moved out of my parent's house. Decided to set out on my own life and do things for myself. Lord-willing, I will stay true to His path and continue to honor Him in what I do.

2. I have an amazing girlfriend! Her name is Meagan and she continues to strengthen me through my rough patches in life. She is 18 years old and we have known each other for about a year now. :)
3. I have a job at a professional business called Volkart May. I am a business-to-business marketing representative. I pretty much make phone calls all day and speak with business owners and CEOs. Lot's a fun! I have a desk and everything! :P

4. My firebird is now done. :) That beautiful 1989 white formula firebird is now done for. I owned that car for 1 year, and now I moved on to a 1995 Lincoln Continental.

5. I'm moving to FLORIDA! I'm attending a Christian School down there with my girlfriend. My grandparents live about an hour away and they have played a major role in my success in getting to this school. :) So excited! I'll be finishing my Business Management Degree at South Eastern University.

That's about it!

God bless,

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Ten Commandments!

Hello everyone! I have been inactive on this blog, only because my personal life isn't very interesting right now! :P Anyway, I've been writing on another blog with a bunch of awesome authors! Please visit to read our 10-day marathon of the ten commandments!!

Thanks a ton!

God bless,

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

I got tagged!

Hello everyone!

I have been extremely busy with my school and with my new job. I have been learning a lot this past semester, and I am starting to get really excited to take a break from school and have Summer!

Anyway, I got tagged by Gracie and I'm going to answer her questions now.

1. What is your favorite thing to do when you are bored?

My favorite thing to do would probably be going on a drive, hang out with friends, or something of that nature...however I usually end of eat and/or watching TV when I am bored. :(

2. Who is someone who makes you smile every time they say anything, even if it wasn't made to make you smile?

Hmmm...I would have to say two friends that I have (names will be anonymous) at school. They are a dating couple, but they both are really fun to talk to and I enjoy hanging out with them.
3. If you could only eat one thing for the rest of your life what would it be?

Enchiladas!!! I love them, especially when there is rice and refried beans on the side, DELICIOUS!
4. What is your favorite color combo?

Black and Blue, like Jeans and a black t-shirt.
5. Who is the "hero of the faith" ( someone in the bible or a missionary or something like that) that you most look up to ?

I would have to say Ray Comfort and the Living Waters Team, they have taught me so much through my short time with the Lord, and I definitely look up to them.

6. What five adjectives would you use to describe your personality?
Serious, random, quirky, "donkey-ish" (like Eeyore from Winnie the Pooh), playful?

7. If you could end ONE "corruption" in our society, what would It be?
Like Gracie said, Abortion would definitely be a first.

8. If you could not have to answer one of these questions which would it be!

It would have to be question #6...I'm not really good at describing myself, I feel awkward when doing it! :-)
Well, thanks for reading! I have school, I work several days, and I have finals to prepare for. Such a busy life, and I love it! :-)

God bless!

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Texas Roadhouse!

I got another job!! :-) 

I applied at a place called Texas Roadhouse when I was 16 (about 3 weeks before my 17th birthday) and I was too young to be hired. However, the manager told me to go back when I was 17, and so I did! I went back and went through three different interviews with three different managers/owners and I got hired!

I don't think this is exactly the one I am working at, but it looks the same!

I start this week, and today I am going through Orientation. Should be a ton of fun!!

Please pray for me that I can do my school full-heartily, work hard at Texas Roadhouse, stay close to the Lord, and learn a ton of experience!

Thanks a ton,
God bless,

P.S. I have been writing some blog posts (as well as a bunch of other awesome authors) on a new blog called Dedicated Christians! Go to to read what we've been doing! Thanks!!

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Kony...What a Sad Man...

Kony is a man that is hurting hundreds, no...thousands of people. Below is a video to help explain who Kony is, and what we should do to stop him from hurting more children and parents.

Let us all pray for both Kony's soul and that he will stop, or will be stopped, hurting others.

Thanks and God bless,

Friday, March 2, 2012

Now I'm 17...

Hey everyone!!

Sorry I have been so inactive on here, but I have been really busy with school stuff. :-(

I turned 17 this Thursday. It was a lot of fun! My parents got be a pair of Cowboy boots, my sister got me a really cool knife, my brother got me a knife sharpener and a belt buckle (It has Dodge Ram on there), and my little siblings got me some muddy buddies!! :D

Here are some pictures of what happened yesterday. :-)

My little sister isn't feeling to good, but she still loves to give hugs! :-)

YEAH!! These are a great find, why? Because I have size 16 size feet!!

The "Cowboy" outfit! :-)

My wonderful mom and I!

Takes a lot of hands to light 17 candles....
Some of the pictures are fuzzy from bad quality, sorry about that! But at least you get the "general idea" that I had a good day!

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend filled with shoveling snow and Hot Chocolate!

God bless,

Sunday, February 12, 2012

I'm Sponsoring a Child!

When my family and I went to a concert last month, Mercy Me was telling the audience about Compassion, an organization that lets people sponsor children from another country. My parents did one, as well as my brother and I! The Lord has blessed me with a job most of my life, so I thought it was time to give some back.

This is who Fatima is! :-) She is 8 years old and lives in Peru with her mom!

I would highly recommend that you go visit and see how you can help children who are in need of clothing, food or education.

Thanks for reading!!
God bless,