Friday, January 14, 2011

Changes to our room

Another little post about me, but this time, it's about my room, not my stomach!


 Jonah, my brother, and I share a room, we have since we were little kids.

I sleep on the bottom bunk, my brother is on the top.
  Jonah and I have always loved knives, but now because we have a job, we decided to go bigger, so we got a couple swords...
This is my brother's sword, it's above our window

These are my swords
 We still have room for our walls for some other swords/knives, which we plan to buy soon. Jonah and I just bought 4 practicing swords from Vision Forum yesterday. We plan to stick the hard plastic swords on our wall just like the ones above.

This is my brother's knife, it's one of his favorite in his "collection" it's above our doorway.

This is our gun rack, we plan to buy some old/civil war type guns for this shelf.

To the left is our Gun Rack, and to the right is our Hat Rack

These are some of our books we have in our room
  We have a lot of books in our room, probably about 200 - 300, and yes, we have read about 3/4 of them!

This is another shelf with about two hundred books and some odd and end items.
  If you want to know where we got these cool swords, go to and start searching!

I'll post pictures of the swords that are coming in the mail.

Have a great weekend everyone!



Mrs. Taffy said...

I'm still so impressed with how you cleaned up your room! You even took pictures! So proud of you! I bet you guys have 90% of those books...muliple times too! I have the pictures of that old mansion from Colonial Willamsburg on my might be inspired by how they displayed their weapons! Good Job son!

The Pendletons said...

Very nice! I really, really like medieval looking weapons. In my room I have one of the "braveheart" swords like yours and I have a bull whip and my older brother made a really neat ax.
Your display is neat! How did you hang your swords on the wall? I have wanted to mount mine, but am not sure what to do. It is just leaning against my bed right now.
Looks like you have a great collection of books too. I hope to have a whole room devoted to books one day!
Christ be with you!

Josiah said...

Hey Anna,

We used "hooks" from Home Depot to hang the swords on out wall.

Thanks for the comments!


The Pendletons said...

Thanks Josiah!
Were they a special kind of mounting hooks?

Josiah said...


The mounting hooks are kinda like a " Y " shape, we drilled the bottome of the why into the wall so it looks like a " V " then, we swisted the hooks sideways, and stuck the handle into the hook. We then drilled a single screw higher on the wall, and leaned the swords onto it, so that it creates an X.

Hope that makes sense! :D


The Pendletons said...

Ok. Thanks. :) I may read it a coupld times to make sure I got it right though. :D
Thanks again!