Monday, January 31, 2011

Bakers Square

Have you ever heard of this restaurant? It's near Jet's Pizza, so I can ride my bike to it, in the summer.
I am going to call today to see what their minimum hiring age is. I hope to be hired as a Bus Boy.

Every time I go into Jet's I feel miserable, I think I just need something new to work on...

Another personal topic: School

As a home schooled kid, I never got Summer off, because we took several weeks off of school here and there to help our mom with stuff. But this year is different! We have been faithful and been working at our school, hardly taking breaks through the year, we have completed enough school to take summer off! I am so excited, I hope not only to work longer hours, to earn extra money, but I also hope to spend some time with some new friends I am getting to know. Two Teenagers, same age as Jonah and I, and the same height! :- )

Hope you all have a wonderful day!



The Pendletons said...

We used to not take Summers off either! We take our vacations when dad is off from work. But...we are working hard to take a break this Summer too. We had last summer off, but we needed that one for sure!
I hope everything works out with your job. I'll pray.
Christ be with you,

Josiah said...

Thanks Anna,

I applied at the closest BakerSuare near me, and they ARE hiring. Exciting! They hire at age 16, so I said I would available March 2nd...

Victoria said...

Oh great!
That is so exciting!
Maybe I can talk my mom into that...but.. I doubt it.
Have a great day!


Josiah said...


Thanks for leaving a comment!
What are you going to try and talk your mom into? Just curious! :D