Monday, September 12, 2011

I colored my hair!

Hi guys, here's a bunch of pictures of what I have been doing today. :-)

3 colors: Green, pink, and blue!

I look so cool...

Jonathan my brother, got a blue hairdo!

My sister, Taliah got pink!

My sister, Tirzah did it too...she originally wanted pink, but my mom kinda went crazy! :-) With my help
Group Shot!

Kinda blocked Solomon, my brother.

It was fun!
This all started when my sister, Tirzah, dared me to dye my hair. So I accepted! :-) I thought it would be fun to spray my other sibilings hair too, so with my mom's help, we have a multi-color family! :D

Sorry I haven't been blogging much, I have been extremly busy with school. I just finished my school for last week, and I get to start all over again with not much of a break.

But today has been somewhat relaxing, and I just enjoy finishing my assignments.

The answers to the polls on the side of my blog!!

I lost 9 pounds while I was on my 104 fever.
I dyed my hair 3 different colors, most of you didn't want to dye there hair any colors, but hopefully after you saw these pictures, and you read my FIRST CONTEST, you'll change your mind!

Here's the first contest! Dye your hair a certain color! :-)

The folowing colors must be used to dye your hair or it won't count.

Red, Blue, Pink, Green, Orange, White (only if your orignal hair is not white) and Yellow (only if your hair is not blonde.)

Brown and Black are not allowed.

The first 3 people who send in your pictures will receive a $5.00 gift card to either DairyQueen or Starbucks Coffee.


1. My sibilings do not count for this contest. :D
2. You must send in 2 pictures, 1 before the spray paint, and 1 after the paint is on your hair.
3. Please send in the name, age, and address you wish me to send in your gift card.
4. One member allowed to enter in your household. (I want a couple different people from different families)
5. Must be a recent photo. Not one you did a long time ago, at a younger age. One you did today, tomorrow, or next week.

I will be posting the picture you send in


Miracle said...

Alrighty! Colored my hair and will send in pics soon!

Josiah said...

Miracle, I know you colored your hair about a little over a year ago...I have still been editing the post when I got your comment, I posted rule 5 when your e-mail got sent in. Did you paint your hair recently? (If no one enters the contest I'll let it slide. :D )

Miracle said...

I colred my hair today, this morning. Did you get my e-mail?

The Pendletons said...

I saw this post and my eyebrows shot right up! :P

Very nice...colorful hair!!!

I think I will sit back and WATCH this contest! lol

Have fun to everyone who is braver than me! ;)


gracie said...

I am SO going to try to get my parents to let Me !!!!
I Love the picture of Jonathan!!!
He looks like a little Who. lol

Michael said...

gracie... just do it to your dad while he sleeps... :)

JJ said...

Looks like lots of fun! I love the pictures! :)