Thursday, September 1, 2011

I'm Back!

Hi all! Sorry I haven't posted anything in awhile...been kinda sick, and I've been busy getting ready for college. :-)

First of all, I had a fever of 103-104 for a couple of days. I didn't feel so great, I laid in bed a lot, and I sweated large amounts of water.

I also forgot a lot, such as, what day it was, what time it was, I even forgot stuff people told me! :-)

But right now, I'm getting better, just got a croupy cough.

I also got my school books last week! Here's a picture below!

You can read some of the labels, but the top 4 are all books for English, then theirs a business book, a workbook and a study guide for Macro Economics and last but not least, a book for Interpersonal Communication.

All these books normally cost a little over $500, but because I'm enrolled in PSEO, I get them for free if I return them! :-) Doesn't get much cheaper than that!

I am still waiting for decorations for Halloween to come out, why? Well, I got dared by a "sister" to dye my hair multiple colors, I agreed, but it's taking awhile for the paint to come out....
I will definitely share a video of me either putting on the spray or the spray on me afterwards...

NOW, the answers to the polls on the side of my blog,

I am 6' 5" I am almost 6' 6"...but not quite...

My favorite Book in the Bible is Psalms, it used to be Revelation, but the book of Psalms has shown me a lot during my struggle in this ungodly world...

I am sorry about the delay in the "contest" throat it still choked up from being sick, but I will post a contest! :-)

(Maybe I should torture you all to see who can color die their hair the most colors! Girls = automatic win)

Well, signing off, its time for dinner!

God bless all,



Miracle said...

I love the part where Girls = automatic win! Hope you get better soon! And the only thing I got wrong was your favorite book in the bible. Have a great day!

Judith said...

So glad you are feeling better! Your books look INTERESTING! Remember, if the teachers say you have to have a,b,c in your reports ... they mean it!

Josiah said...


We have to get a 3.5 grade average. So we have to get A's, maybe a B...but mostly A's.

The Pendletons said...

Ugh...sorry you were sick like that! The only time I have ever been sick that bad was when I had food fun.
Glad you are getting better though and I'll pray for your cough. I know those stink.
Have fun with college!!!! :D

And if you do the dying hair contest...I know for a fact that I will lose hands down! :P

Hey...did you ever say what your middle name is?


Josiah said...


I must have missed that poll. My middle name is Daniel. :D

God bless,


The Pendletons said...

Haha...then I got it right! :D ;)

Very neat, thanks. ;)

God bless,