Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Valley Fair!

Yesterday I went to Valley Fair with some friends, above you can see them. :-) It was awesome!

We went on every ride we could fit on, leaving behind of course the children rides.

My favorite ride was the Steel Venom. Below is a video I found on YouTube that shows what the ride it like!

We also went on several roller coasters, and several other rides that gave us all a scare.

We had an awesome time, but we were always thirsty. They do have drinking fountains, but only in "some" locations. If you wanted to buy a 20 oz. water bottle, you would need $3.25.....that's how much 6 gulps of water is... :P

Well, I'm off to go see Winnie the Pooh in theaters, I'll post a review tomorrow!

God bless,

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grandma said...

What a fun day! You need a camelback water thingy like Phil and Walker take backpacking. Its a backpack full of water and a long straw to drink through!

Winnie the Pooh? hmmm...