Thursday, July 21, 2011

Returning to Bogger

This summer I have been very busy, but that's no excuse to give up blogging, :-) I just decided to stop.

But I'm gonna get back into it, more so because I want to share with you the adventures that will take place during my school year.

I am going to start PSEO, a great program allowing me to take 2 years of college while I finish my high school.
I will be getting a degree in Business, my dream is to one day own my own restaurant when I grow up.

This summer has been packed with lots of fun but also a lot of struggles through my walk with Jesus, and moving forward in my life.

You may remember a few posts ago (3-4 months ago) that I quit my job at Jet's Pizza...Well, I went back.
You may also remember that I left because I was tired of all the immoral things that went on during my work. Well, most of that has changed.

Over 80% of the employees I disliked are gone, either quit or fired. Only 1 more remains, but the person doesn't make a big enough impact on me to cause me to fall off the Path.

I went back to Jet's Pizza, because I needed money. I have Insurance to pay for, which I am blessed to be paying only $50 a month. I also have to buy a laptop for College, and a new bike, to go to and from work, or for exercise. My bike is falling apart, both tires are flat and the gears are all messed up.

The Lord answered my prayer and gave me some great friends my age. We have also been hanging out with them a lot this summer, we see them about 2 times a week.

I am also going to Valley Fair Next week, with the "great friends", next week. :-)

Anyway, a short post, but I just wanted to get "into" blogging again.

Thanks for reading, and God bless,


grandma said...

Yeah! Great to hear from you again! OOOH Valley Fair, that's all about the food isn't it? and the nausea from the rides...Have fun! I am looking forward to hearing all about your classes. Please post what you will be taking.

The Pendletons said...

Hey Josiah!
I was wondering how you were doing. Glad you are getting back to the blog. ;)
I'll be praying for you as you get into college...
And I am glad things are better at Jet's.
I am really glad to hear that you have some friends your age now...I've been praying for some for years, so I know you must be so excited! Have a great time with them. :)

Josiah said...


I'll keep you posted about my school, it's a little complicated....and I don't understand all of it yet, but I'll do a post about it when I start. :D

Valley Fair is mainly about rides, kinda like Six Flags.

The State Fair is all about food, and we are going to that too, almost our whole family gets to go in free because we are working at a little farm (for children) in the morning. :D

Thanks Anna, I'll be praying God sends some friends your way too. :D

The Pendletons said...

Thanks. :D I think He may be and I have made a really, really good friend on the Rebelution. Her and I get along just so well!
Speaking of that...haven't seen you there in a while.

Josiah said...

I don't know why I haven't been on the Rebelution...I just kinda forgot about it, is it still active?

Matthew said...

Hey Josiah! Glad you're back blogging! I have let my blog slack also, but I'm trying to bring it back up.


The Pendletons said...

Hey Josiah,
Yes! It's very active still. :)