Sunday, July 31, 2011

Source Code

We recently just watched Source Code, a movie that came out in Theaters last month. My dad rented it from the Red box, and I thought I would share my review on the movie with you all.

The movie was very confusing, and I didn't fully understand it even after finishing the movie. But it was very exciting, and once you understand most of it, it's also very interesting!

The movie has 2 kissing scenes, but they only play out for about 2-4 seconds each.

There is a couple swear words that the main character shouts, which include the F and S words.

There is also a scene where two people get shot, and they lie on the ground dying.

Two fist fighting scenes appear in the middle of the movie, along with a guy getting punched in the face, blood is shown.

Over all it was a good movie, I would recommend it for people over age 13, only because of the swear words and some "graphic" fight scenes.

Thanks for reading!

God bless,


The Pendletons said...

I had wondered about this movie...
the writer in my was intrigued by the plot. It looks really neat.
Thanks for the review, Josiah! I may have to get it! :D
God bless,

grandma said...

I've heard it was pretty good. W and Grandpa saw it at the theater when it came out. The plot sounded interesting and I always enjoy sci-fi but you never know if it is going to be "too much". Your review helps.

Dodi said...

Sounds kinda wild.....
Not totally my kinda movie , but hey, it's better than Winnie the Pooh!!Lol:)
I'll have to look it up:)
God Bless~

g-ma said...

We watched Source Code last night and really enjoyed it. I always like a movie that we keep talking about after its over. The happy ending really surprised me.

gracie said...

This movie Looks great, My brother and I really want to see it!!!
See you tomorrow!!!!

Alli said...

hmm... I think Winnie the Pooh sounds better:) lol