Sunday, July 24, 2011

Root Beer Milk???

It's true! Has anyone seen Root Beer Milk in stores? I did, and I got some. This is just a short review post.

I love Root Beer, it's my favorite drink. But milk is a close second, that's why I had to try it! :-)

It kinda tastes like a melted Root Beer Float...that's not carbonated... :-)

You all should try it, you might like it, no guarantees!

God bless,


The Pendletons said...

Wow! I have never seen that!
We have our fresh milk from the family cow...maybe I could try to make some! Weird... lol

Fun post! :D

Judith said...

I love root beer too. Interesting. I have never seen it around here, but I'll start watching for it. I wonder if you could freeze it and turn it into a snow-cone.

The Pendletons said...

Oh! And are there any new pictures of your dog?! :D her name is Mocha right?
I have a GSD also and would love to see how yours is now. :D

Zoe said...

I have never seen that before, but to me, rootbeermilk sounds horrible. I don't think that I will ever try it. Who knows what Kemps will come up with next!

Victoria said...

That souns so gross, disgusting, nasty, etc. I can't believe you actually wanted to try that! Well, I can tell you right now that I am positive about NOT trying it! lol! Have a great day!


Josiah said...


We sold the dog, I was disappointed, but we were to busy in our lives to take care of one. We sold it to a nice Family in Wisconsin who have 10+ acres. Mocha, the dog, will be able to run around a lot better there than where I am living now, 0.5 acre.

The Pendletons said...

Oh, I am sorry you had to sell her.
But...I am sure she will be very happy with more room to run around! Especially with her being a German Shepherd...I can't imagine my dog on 0.5 of an acre...they are really hyper pups.
Glad she got a good home. :)