Thursday, August 11, 2011

Starting school!

Hey all!

I started school this week, and it's been going great so far. :-)

Currently I only have 3 subjects, Math, Science, and a program called "The Argument Builder".

I will be getting a ton more subjects next month when I start college, which should be interesting.

I think I'm going to start a "Weekly Contest" that will be on my blog. Each week I'll make a video of myself, showing you all something that you have to beat to be able to win! :-) Like drinking a 2-liter of pop in 2 minutes, or something like that...

To enter you have to make a video of yourself doing the same thing I did. If you win or not it doesn't matter, just send in your movie! You'll send it in to my e-mail address .

You must include a clock with your video showing the time it took you to finish the challenge, I will also time myself while doing the "challenge" and you'll be able to see my time that you have to beat.

A Stop Watch works great for this kinda of thing. And if you want someone to help you with it, go ahead and ask!

I'm not sure what the prizes will be yet, I think I have an good idea of one, but I think I want there to be more than one winner. :-)

So keep your eyes open, I'll be doing the first contest sometime this weekend!

God bless all! And enjoy the rest of your week!


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