Friday, August 19, 2011

I did it!

Hey all! Here's the video of me drinking an entire 2-liter of Barqs Root Beer in under 3 minutes! :-) Be WARNED, I pronouced the word, "guinness" wrong in the video...the root beer kinda made my head hurt. That's my excuse! :-)

Don't Try this at home.

I will be doing a contest shorty, I am going to have a busy weekend, so it will probably be next week! :-) God bless all!


Mrs. Taffy said...

hahahahahahaha! He's STILL burping! What a handsome son! :) Just had to say it!

Miracle said...

Oh my word! That was HILARIOUS! I laughed so many times! Great Video! Have a blessed day!

Matthew said...

Bravo!! I could never do that...

Tirzah said...

That was soo funny! You made me feel sick! Glad you're still alive! :P

Michael said...

That's my boy!

Dodi said...

My whole family was laughing!
That's CRAZY!!!
God bless~

Alli said...

haha!!!! Sooo funny!
I loved it where you said that you were not trying to kill yourself- :)
Do another one!!

Jamie said...

Yes Josiah that was HILARIOUS!!!! Had to watch a couple times :) Had us rollin'!
I agree with Alli, the "not trying to kill myself" line was so funny!