Tuesday, August 16, 2011

The Weekend

Hey all!

I promised you all a post with a contest,  to see how fast I can drink a 2 liter of Root beer, for you to beat! But...my dad told me that some people could die by drinking a whole bunch of water at one period of time, the reason why I can drink a 2 liter in under 3 minutes, is because my body is so big. The water can distribute itself (in me) in more areas than the average sized man. So, because I don't want to kill anyone, I'm not going to publish that contest.

But Give me some time, I'm trying to figure out one that everyone can do. It's harder than it seems...I want to do something that everyone can get the "materials" easily, for the contest.

If you have any ideas let me know, comment below and you might be part of the first contest! :-)

Anyway, this weekend was a pretty packed week...Friday and Saturday I worked two 10 hour shifts at Jet's Pizza! After that I was pretty tired...But Sunday and Monday we went to the beach for 3-5 hours! So that was tiring too, but fun!

Although I am quitting my job, I was told by my mangers that I could come back during the break between Semesters (in college this year). So I might be able to go back and work for a month, just to earn about $500 for insurance and Christmas presents, and other stuff that might come along the way.

Anyway, I better get going, I need to finish my Math. :-P

God bless all! Have a wonderful week!



The Pendletons said...

Haha...I can't believe you can drink it that fast!!!
I can drink 2 1/2 liters of Mt. Dew in a day...easy. But...not in 3 minutes!
I'll think about the contest. ;)

Judith said...

You wouldn't catch me drinking a 2 liter rootbeer at one sitting!

I am longing for Jets Pizza and I think I'll have to come to visit just to get another taste.