Thursday, August 18, 2011

2 Liter of Root Beer

Hey all!

This is just a short update post, to answer those polls on the right side of my blog.

My middle name is Daniel, congrats to those who got it right!
I personally chose John as my middle name, just to try and confuse some of you....didn't work.

I haven't figured out a contest yet, it's driving me crazy! Maybe I should do a burping contest or something...that might be fun! :-)

Anyway, I am going to drink a 2 liter of Root Beer in hopefully under 3 minutes, I'll try to do it today, but I am extremely busy today!

You may notice the new background to my blog, what do you think? Needs some work?

I also added a clock, I couldn't find a HTML code for a Stop Watch...or I would have used that, but you can time me and other people on their contests.

I also placed an ad for a new movie coming out. I don't get paid for it or anything, but I just decided to share this awesome movie with you. I can't wait to see it! :-)

Well, my mom's birthday is coming up, and I need to go out and gather up a few things for her! *Wink

God bless all! Have a great day!



Miracle said...

I like a burping contest!
The blog background makes me sord of dizzy. But I like the new movie advertisment! Can't wait to see it! I also got your middle name right, applause for me (thank you, thank you very much) Have a wonderful day!


Tirzah said...

I like your background! :)
You should do a contest where you have to eat 10 pretzels in 1 minute! That would be funny!



Matthew said...

Hey! I just wanted to ask where you got the Courageous banner... I'd like to put one on my blog :)

Josiah said...

Matthew, click the banner, it should lead you to their website with over 5 different shaped banners! :D God bless,

Michael said...

You could try to see how much pure cinamon you can handle at once... start with maybe a teaspoon...

Don't do the chubby bunny contest though... I don't want to see anyone chocking to death... I once saw a friend of mine do like 21 marshmellows though... it was hilarious!