Sunday, February 13, 2011

What's been going on?

Hi all!

I have been taking some time off, writing on my blog, all I have been doing is posting videos, which is not what I want for this blog, so I decided to stop!             :-)

I have been doing all right in school these past few weeks, the hardest subject has been Vocabulary, I'm not very good at "memorizing", or maybe I just don't WANT to be good at it!

At work, it's been crazy!

My previous Manager got fired, I am so glad, he really got on my nerves a lot, why? As you know, I'm a big/tall 15 year old guy, and my manager was a small 35 year old man. He was intimidated by me, so he tried to make my life hard at work; correcting everything I did, criticizing everything I did, it just went on and on and on...

Then my "big" Boss, got word that I was looking for a new job. How he found that out, I still haven't a clue, but he's been "extra-nice" to me lately. Asking me if I have enough hours, sticking up for me when an argument comes up, gives me stuff, it's kinda strange!

Another employee, Ashley, is quitting. She decided to get a different job as a server, she will get paid almost twice as much as she gets now, so she's pretty happy. But my boss is pretty ticked off, she has been working since day 1 (like me) and she knows her way inside and out of the store. It'll be hard to train/find another responsible employee to take her place.

Change of subject, we have all been sick lately, a cold, yuck. I hate being sick, why? Because I can't work at my fullest. My dad and I decided to work-out after I work. We'll go to the YMCA and work-out for around 30 minutes. But I can't work-out to my Maximum, if I have a sore throat and a stuffed up nose!  :-)   I'm hoping we'll go tonight, I work from 5:00pm - 9:00pm.

My goal for this "year is to lose at least 50lbs. It'll take some work, and my problem isn't the "working-out" part, it's the "eating" part. I work enough, but I eat a lot. But I've been doing good so far, so we'll see how it goes. Last year in the summer I drank a 2ltr of pop almost every day, see how that could get fattening? Not so much pop for me! :-)

Well, I better go, I'm going bowling today, my high this week was 175!

Have a good week everyone!



Judith said...

Well, I bet your dad can tell you all about that syndrome where the little guys like to pick on the big guys! Walker has even discovered it and he's not that big! (6'2", 175 lb). But there's always a guy out there that wants to see if he can bully someone bigger. I'm glad things are easing up at work though. Maybe you'll get a raise! The best way Walker found to lose weight was swing dancing! I'm sure its hard to resist your mom's good cooking. Walker's enjoying bowling at school. But he hurt his arm first thing and had to bowl left handed for two weeks! He's happy now to get a score over 100! He is improving though. I hope you're all feeling better. grandma

Michael said...

You have been faithful to work when it has gone well for you and when it hasn't. This is all part of the learning found in working. You were fortunate in finding some pretty good people in the owners who hired you. Believe me, they struggle to find good people also because they are difficult to find.

I met that guy and talked with him a little and yes, he had issues. It is probably why he is no longer there. If he caused you grief, think of what grief he caused the owners and the rest of their employees.

The day will come when you will move on in life. You have been doing good to stay faithful towards those who gave you favor one day until that day comes.

And yes, it is super hard to only eat a normal portion of what your mom makes! And yes, I am good for working out tonight!

Matthew said...


On your quiz on the side of the page, I put other so I thought I'd tell you what it is. It's recess and lunch ;)


Victoria said...

Oh my word thats a lot of pop! I hope you reach your goal!
Oh sorry that your all sick.:(
Good Job on your bowling score, You blew mine out of the water( which I am NOT going to tell you! lol!) Have a great day!


The Pendletons said...

Wow...busy as always I see! Life just seems to get ahead of itself sometimes doesn't it?
That's allot of soda (pop). I know what that is like...I really, really like Mt. Dew...and I have to be careful not to drink too much. I could drink it all the time, but I tell myself no!
I'll be praying for you and all that you are planning on. Just remember that all we do is for Christ. I have found how easy it can be to forget that sometimes.
Great bowling score! I think my very best is like...150...somewhere around there. I don't bowl enough to be good at it, but I love doing it.
Christ be with you!