Sunday, February 20, 2011

A Tag...

My cousin tagged me, so I am going to answer five questions about Valentines Day ( not my "all-time" favorite holiday!) :-)

1. Do you have any special Valentine traditions?
Nope, we don't do to much, school, maybe some chores, that's pretty much it. It's a "normal" day for us.

2. Do you eat so much candy on Valentines day that you could barf?
I eat some, the day after Valentines day, but never enough to make me want to barf! :-) It would take a lot of candy to make me want to barf! :-P

3. Do you give away valentines?
No, that's not my kind of thing....

4. What are your top three favorite colors?
Green, Black, Red

5. What are your top three favorite holidays?
Thanksgiving, and Easter...don't have a 3rd...

Well, I got tagged, now I have to tag someone! But I don't think I will...

Have a great week everyone!



The Pendletons said...

LOL! I LOVE the days after Valentines! The chocolate is on sale! ;)
We don't do too gets mom a card...that's about it. ;)
My cousin and I joked around this year and got eachother valentine stuff...her family does not really do anything either.
What is this tag thing?

Anonymous said...


A tag, it's kinda like a "task" someone gives you.

Except a "tag" is usually a personal questioniare.

If I tagged you, using this same post, you would be accountable "in the blogger world" to repost this "questionaire" and answer the questions in your own words.

It's mostly for fun! :P

JoSiAh BlAnChArD

Josiah said...

Oops, used my sister's!

The Pendletons said...

LOL! I was wondering why Tirzah signed "JoSiAh BlAnChArD"!
Ok...makes sense. Thanks. :)

Victoria said...

Lol! I am very surprised you don't have a 3rd favorite holiday.
The candy this year wasn't as good as last years. I can't believe you were sighned in as Tirzah! lol!