Sunday, February 27, 2011


Yep, you read that title right, I'm quitting Jet's Pizza. The first job to give me continual income, it was fun while it lasted, but now things have changed.

My original boss was fired 3 months ago for harassment, then a couple more managers got fired, and now we have 2 new managers who don't seem to be able to control the employees...

I have two Managers, and two "shift-leaders" that are in charge of me, that is pretty tough. One of the managers is taking deliveries, and isn't paying attention to the store, the other manager is in his own little world. He won't tell anybody to do anything, he won't be a leader. So, that give one of the shift-leaders the ability to "butt" in and take over...

A lot of the employees are unruly, some of them tease the girls that work there by hitting them, and some of the employees buy cigarettes and beer/alcohol for the girls...

The two owners are not around anymore, why? Because their building a new store...I will have to discuss this with them before/while I quit, and I'm sure it'll be tough!

I applied at Baker's Square again, and I am going to call them this morning to see if the have looked at my Application. I also want to apply at Target, which I might do today, if Baker's Square doesn't have any positions.

Well, on the "good" side of this week,

I bought a new air soft gun.

This Sniper Rifle is normally, $250.00, but I got it for only $100! Sports Authority is having a sale on all of their outlet items!

I got this Air soft rifle, because we will soon be fighting a couple of new friends we got to meet! They have some pretty cool guns, and I can't wait to have a war with them! :-)

Well, I better get going, Today includes shopping, chores, and going to work at Jet's.... :-(



Mrs. Taffy said...

You are awesome! Conviction comes through the Holy Spirit! Pay attention to that and you can't go wrong! I am sure God will provide an even better job for you, in an environment you can respect!

Judith said...

Good luck on "moving on". Your experiences (good and bad) at Jets will help you in the future. Your new air soft is great! W will be jealous!


Victoria said...

Well, at least you got the gun on sale! Talk about an uncomfortable place to work at. I really hope you get a job at Target or Bakers square. I think your making a good decision about quitting it. Have a good day!


The Pendletons said...

Sounds like you are doing the right thing!
I am still praying for your job and will keep doing it. Let us know where you end up working. :)
Have fun with the new AS gun! Fun!!!
Christ be with you!