Monday, December 20, 2010


I don't have to many hobbies, I used to play computer games a lot, and I did consider that a hobby, but now, I stopped playing, and I have only one hobby left. BOWLING

I bowl in a youth tournament every Tuesday, it's pretty fun! I get taught by a pro bowler, who has taught me how to spin my ball. I have tried to bowl for a state championship, If I win, I get scholarship money, but we still haven't heard back from the state yet, so it's undecided....

My high this year has been 208. I have gotten a couple "200" games, but my average is 150.

I bought a bowling ball two weeks ago, it's a cheap ball, $80.00, but it works for me! I just need to practice throwing the ball down the lane slower, I used to be able to throw a 15 lbs. ball 22 mph. down the lane! But now, I have trying to control my speed, and minimized it to 17 mph. Which is still fast! If I can get it down to 15 mph. I'll get a strike every time, why? Because the ball has time to roll down the lane. :D

This week is vacation day for me, we have no school for Christmas break, and I'll have plenty of time to bowl.

Well, It's time for me to get to work doing my chores,

Have a good one,

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