Friday, December 17, 2010

A Normal Friday

A normal friday for me includes, school, shopping, and work.

I am homeschooled, and as a homeschooler, I have the ability to start my school earlier, and can finish sooner. I start around 7:30-8:00 and I finish at 1:00.

A lot of people say they don't think homeschoolers get as much education as a public schooler, well, I would agree, and disagree. It really depends on the person who is studying...

I know a lot of High schoolers who are definetly smarter than me, but I also know a lot who are not as smart.

I love math, geography, and SOME science...I hate history, english, and a LOT of science...
It's not that I'm not good at history, english, or science, it's just boring, it's not what I want to o with my life.

Anyway, getting off track here,
Shopping...that's a fun one, I live in a family of 8 (including myself) and it can be hetic sometimes...having 3 little toddlers roaming about in a store can be a challenge for anyone! They love to ask for stuff, which makes me all the more mad, but I usually find myself wondering off through the sports section.

This is our specialty pizza, an 8 corner

I work today at 4:00 and I work till 9:00. Five hours, creating pizzas, cutting pizzas, boxing pizzas, etc. I make $7.50 and hour, plus tip, so it's a good paying job, for a teenager anyway. I love working when it's busy.

I'll update you guys what my day brings for the day!

Talk to you soon,


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