Saturday, December 18, 2010


Saturdays are mostly the favorite day of the week for public school kids... no school, no church, no chores... but it's definitely NOT my favorite day.

I wake up everyday at 6:00, on the weekends, I love to wake up around 7:30-8:30...but it usually doesn't happen, why? Because was have this dog, who sleeps 2 feet from where I sleep, and when 6:00 comes around, she starts to my morning are usually destroyed by a whining dog. That's only one of the reasons why I "dislike" Saturdays...

My mom loves to keep things "neat and tighty" She likes the floors to be vacuumed every morning after breakfast, our beds made everyday, clothes put away, toys put away, shoes cleaned up, etc. She loves to have a neat house...which I'm fine with, but sometimes I wish we had a day where it's fine if we could be lazy without having to clean up wherever we go. Saturdays tend to become the BIGGEST cleaning day of the week, why? Well, we have no school, we don't go to work, and we have "time" to do this sort of thing. :D

We also have a "home church" most Saturdays, a bunch of people come to our house...30+ and we have to set up tables, etc. for them. It can be tiring...especially when 20+ of those people are 10 years and under.

There are a few things that are good that come out of a Saturday. We get to go bowling sometimes, we can "stay-up" and we don't go to work.

Well, I still have 5 more hours of this day left, I need to snap out of it...kinda feeling tired / lazy / bored / annoyed / angry / A WHOLE BUNCH OF CRAZY EMOTIONS!

Have a good one,


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