Sunday, November 6, 2011

Another Tag

I just love reading people's blog posts that relate to "tags" and reading all the new facts about that person! :-) I just love it! In PSEO (college for highschoolers) I am taking a class called interpersonal communication, and that is one of my favorites because we learn all about how we communicate with others, non verbally and verbally, and we learn about all our different selves. I love learning about everyone hidden self, the self that you personally know, but not your friends or family members. (Mostly my family knows everything about me, but not my friends!)

Here we go,

What is your favorite farm animal: Chickens!!!!

What is your favorite animal: Dogs

What do you want to do when you are an adult: Own my own restaurant, and become a father.

What do you want to achieve in life: Own stocks, go on a missions trip (for my mom), own a lot of land for my children and for personal gain, finish PSEO, own a Dodge 3500, and get married.

Where do you want to go in the world (if money was no option): Europe, where? I have no idea.

What movie actor or "celebrity" you relate to in looks or personality or personal information:
(Please provide a picture)

 Justin Bieber and are the reasons why we relate to each other...

1. Both have crazy hair
2. Our initials are the same, JDB (Justin Drew Bieber - Josiah D B) [Sorry Gracie! I thought his middle name was Daniel, I lied... :P ]
3. Both have the same birthday, March 1st (Justin was born on 1994 and I was born 1995)
4. We both sing awful...although I think I can sing country pretty good...

MAJOR DIFFERENCE: He's a midget, I'm a Giant.

Who is your favorite movie actor or "celebrity": Chuck Norris (Real name Carlos Norris)

What is your favorite type of tree: Pine tree

There you go, you all know a little more about me! :-P I want to know more about you! I tagged some of the blogs I follow, and constantly check, but if I didn't add you in the list, please feel free to do it as well, and post your link to your blog in the comment below (if you want too).

I tag ~









grandma said...

You and Justin Beiber...hmmm, I never noticed before -you're right!

gracie said...

I LOVE it!!

Alli said...

Lol Justin Bieber? YUCK!!! :P Ugh, I'm sure you don't sing half as bad as him!! :) lol
Fun tag! I LOVE doing tags! They provide a post when I'm low on inspiration :)

God bless! ~Alli

Miracle said...

Oh my word! I never knew you and others compared you to Justin Bieber! LOL!!! I guess you have some things alike, but me as your cousin....Sorry I just can't stop laughing! LOL!!!!!!!