Monday, November 14, 2011

Here is another movie I made! Enjoy, and please listen to the question I asked you guys in the movie!

(Hint: The question is near the end - Please comment below your answer, or e-mail me at:

Thanks for watching!! God Bless, and have an awesome Thanksgiving!



Alli said...

I remember Keri getting FREAKED out by that spider too!!! :) lol

So CHRISTmas..... Well, you have probably heard the whole Christmas tree subject discussed in reference to Jeremiah 10... I think it's pretty obvious that it's talking about an idol, not a tree, but a carved wooden image. I don't think it's wrong to have a tree, but I don't particularly like the idea of it just because; it distracts from Christ,
fake trees are ugly, and real ones are expensive,
if you can't have Christmas without it, then it IS an idol, what's the point?,
and why can't we pick somthing like a Nativity scene instead?!

I think Christmas started up north somwhere, maybe Iceland?? when these pagan people got saved, and the Christian leaders made up a holiday during "Yuletide" (or whatever it's called, that probly isn't it! ;) called "Christmas" so that the people wouldn't want to join the pagan celebration. Of course it's hard to know becuase there are so many different supposed origins of Christmas that it gets confusing, as my comment is probably becoming about now...

The thing is, I don't think that the Bible clearly supports (or is against) celebrating Christmas. So, since there is no Biblical proof, I think it is up to each person to know what God is telling them they should do.
Of course we know that Jesus wasn't even born in December, but in the Fall, more like around September or October, during the Feast of Tabernacles. So it's weird that we celebrate it on a totally wrong date. I guess we Christians could really be rebels and celebrate then...

ANYWAYS..... yeah. I don't think it's wrong or right, really. Except Santa is disgusting, and too much spotlight is given to the gifts. It seems right (to me, personally) that we would want to celebrate the day that our Lord was born, just like we celebrate the day He died/rose.

I'm interested in hearing what you come up with!!!
God bless~

gracie said...

Hey Josiah!
I was going to post along time ago but …I didn’t really know what I though yet…
At first I thought that it was kinda a silly question!!! Of course Christmas is biblical, it is celebrating Jesus Christ and his Birth! I couldn’t think of any verse or anything though. So I started to look it up in the bible. I still could not find anything about celebrating his birthday! The only thing I found that was sorta close was “...rejoice and be exceedingly glad an his birth…”!!!
and since I couldn't find it in the bible I started to look it up on the internet!!
I found several “Ideas” about how it started … lots of mocking Christ and the “traditional” Christmas, but not much else!
About the tree being an idle… I agree with Alli when she said “if its not Christmas without it than it is an idle” . I don’t think that it necessarily distracts from Jesus, but if it does than I don’t think that it is right to have one. But I personally think that Christmas trees are so much fun and smell wonderful!!
Thank you for asking the question, I really learned a lot. It gave me a whole knew view on Christmas!!
I want to hear what you say!!!
See you soon!