Sunday, December 11, 2011

Update: School is Almost OVER!!!

Hey all! Sorry I haven't been posting as much as I should be...I have been busy with school, and I have been trying to spend time with my family more. :-)

One more week of school! Than I have Christmas Break, which is a little over 3 weeks long.

I am so excited to finish school, this program (PSEO) is a lot harder and time consuming than my previous homeschooling years. However, I feel more accomplished because it took more effort to do the school in PSEO.

I will try and post more posts frequently...I have 3 weeks, which I hope to finish my review of Christmas (THANKS FOR ALL YOUR AWESOME COMMENTS!) and a couple other posts I have in mind.

Thanks for reading!


1 comment:

gracie said...

how are your finals going????
it was great to see you saterday!!! we all loved the presents!!;D
see you soon!