Friday, December 16, 2011

Christmas Break

Hello everyone!!

I said in previous posts I would blog more, and I am going to start doing so now! :-)

Christmas Break is here, and I am so excited. I get 3-4 weeks off from school!
However, I feel very bored, since I don't have school to do all day long. That's why I'll be blogging more!

Next year, during the spring semester, I will be taking only 3 classes (9 credits) at YEAH. The reason, is because all the classes I want to take are on Wednesday: Communication in Business, Marketing, and Business Management. However, I will be CLEPing out of Geometry...yuck, but it needs to be done.

This month, a lot of fun things will be going on! Caroling, Snow-football, Family get-togethers (Fellowship), Movie Theater, Bowling Alleys, and a ton more fun things to do with friends and family! :-)

Well, thanks for reading! Hope you all have an awesome weekend!



Dodi said...

Your going caroling?
That sounds SOO fun!!!
Have a great weekend!!

Judith said...

good to hear from you again!