Sunday, December 25, 2011

Favorite Present!

Other than the birth of Jesus Christ, I received a very special gift from my parents. Ever since I moved to Minnesota I have wanted this "thing." Why? Well, when I was working at a place called Jet's Pizza, all I listened to was secular music. Such as Katy Perry, Mr. Green, and other songs like; "I wanna be a billionaire" and "Every time I close my eyes"... These songs were a huge "boulder" in the way of my salvation. These songs spoke of unspeakable things, and were very easy to memorize and start repeating everywhere I went.

So, what did I do? Well, I tried to put on Christian music when I was the only one in the store, but that soon stopped when all the employees hated it. :-( So, what was the other option? Country. Country, in my mind, was a better option than these songs that contained cursing, abusive language, rap/pop, and other stuff...

I know some country songs are bad, however, I love how the singer sing. Most of the songs are about love, or beer, or both. Although these aren't the best, I don't think they compare to the wicked songs I have heard and can probably still repeat to this day.

Also, I went to a Barn Dance with some friends, and at first, I was really nervous...However, once the dancing began, I had tons of fun! So I wanted a cowboy hat, to show my appreciation for Country!!

So, here is a little video, of my Christmas Present, that I got from my mom and dad! :-)

Please comment below and tell me your favorite present this year! (Other than Jesus Christ, of course)


Matthew said...


That's great! I'm an avid country music fan (though I'm not a huge dancer, sometimes I do that... but my feet get in the way) and I like the hat!

You ask a hard question, besides Jesus Christ? Impossible. I really couldn't pick one gift, my family got me some wonderful gifts that I'm really thankful for. It just shows the love we have as a family, the same kind of love that Jesus Christ showed to us.

God Bless,

Dodi said...

Merry CHRISTmas Josiah!!
I love the hat!!!
I am not sure what my fav gift was.... probably the really soft pretty flanel sheets that my parents got me:)

Anonymous said...

That's really hard... I can't decide between my camo pajamas and a new book called "Killing Lincoln"!!!!!

I like the hat!

God bless!