Thursday, December 29, 2011

The End to an Awesome Year

This year was amazing! I learned so much from this year. How to apply for jobs, how to quit a job respectfully, how to hunt in a tree stand, how to drive, how to become a better Christian, how to save my money, how to study school efficiently, how to actively listen, how to control my temper, made great friends, and a ton more things!!

God has blessed me with a great year, and I have learned a lot from all the experiences I have had.

I met a lot of great friends, and I got to socialize with people a lot more this year than probably in my whole life! I love being with people, and I didn't have the opportunity to do that in the past.

Here are some random pictures of me throughout the year...most of them are from August - December, but there is some older ones too! :-) Enjoy!

Caroling Party!
At the zoo with some awesome friends!

Making a pyramid with some awesome friends!

Being prayed over

My baptizm, along with a friend!

My sister and I opening presents! I have wrapping paper on my head from her...

Playing with my little sister, she loves it when I throw her up in the air!

Playing with my little brother!

Cowboy hat for Christmas!

Our favorite homeschool books

Working at the State Fair

At the zoo

All stressed out from the first day of school!

Eating one of those edible bouquets!

Working at the Minnesota Sate fair

Sliding down the biggest slide in Minnesota!

Taking my drivers test!

Random picture of when I was LITTLE

My business class!

Sister and I eating a Gingerbread house!

Caroling Party!

My first Cowboy hat

Tons of Carrots

My business team!

Having fun with my family

Lots of school

Loving my little sister!

Building the foundation for a shed

Painting our hair!

Removing whiskers...the hard way...


Judith said...

Love it! Speeding through the year with you!

Michael said...


Mrs. Taffy said...

You are awesome! You are Faithful and God has blessed you ABUNDANTLY!

Anonymous said...

Some of those made me laugh!! =D That one of you when you were little REALLY looks like Solomon! Wow.

God bless~

Victoria said...

Great job! Love the photo of you when you were little. You look just like Jonathan!