Sunday, December 18, 2011

Creating a Gingerbread House

Hello everyone!

I thought I would share with you all what I did yesterday with my family. You can see more photos and a more detailed story here.

I have a hunched back... :P Oh well...

I did the right side of the roof, Tirzah (my sister) did the left side. Is is the front of the house, which Tirzah also made.

This is us both pretending to eat the house, this is the back, which I made.

Building this little house gave me a feeling for how amazing God is. This house I built is made out of candy, frosting, and gingerbread. However, God created everything in this world, and He was wise and detailed enough to make no mistakes! I made more than 10 mistakes on this house (No Back door)....How amazing God is to create the human being, with millions of different parts, without making a single mistake.

I also listened to this song, for the first time, in the car yesterday. I thought it was amazing, because it's true! Where is the line to see Jesus?

Well, I'm finished with this post, hope you all enjoyed it!!!

God bless!!

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Judith said...

Great house! Wonderful to see two siblings working together!