Monday, October 31, 2011

Guy's Blogger-Tag

What is your favorite brand of Shoe/Boot - Columbia is my favorite, because of their awesome quality and cool looks!

What is your favorite car company - Dodge, for their awesome trucks!! 1500-3500 supercab are my favorite!

What is your favorite meat to eat - Beef, but a close second is Venison.

What is your favorite way to eat meat (burger, ribs, steak, meatloaf, etc. ) - Ribs are my all-time favorite!

What is your favorite sport to watch on TV - Football

What is your favorite sport to play with friends - Ultimate Frisbee and Two-Touch Football

What is your favorite working activity outside - Mowing the lawn, not with a driving lawn mower though.

What is your favorite working activity inside - I don't care for inside work, but if I had to choose one, it would be cleaning my room. :-)

If you have a license, do you like driving - YES!!! I love it! I can drive both the manual and the automatic.

What is your favorite "war" movie - Saving Private Ryan

What is your favorite series of movies - Monk and Walker Texas Ranger

Most recent movie you watched - John Adams (Historical Film)

What is your favorite junk food - Sour Patch Kids

What do you mostly do throughout your day - Be on my computer, do school, and sleep.

Have you ever wished you were public schooled - Yes, I did a lot when I was younger.

Have you ever been terrified for your life - Not that I can think of.

Is this a boring blogger tag - No, not for me, I'm creating it!

Do you own a gun - Yes, a 30-06 rifle, .22 rifle, and a 12ga. shotgun.

Have you even had a job - Yep! I owned my own lawn mowing business and I had a job at Jet's Pizza.

What is the maxmium of money you have owned at one time period - $2,000

What is your favorite website - Craigslist

How many hours do you hang out on Facebook/Twitter/Google + - About 1-2 hours a day.

This was small but I promised some people for this tag, and I'm going to tag you in it!!! Hahaha!!! Just kidding...

I am tagging:





And whoever else wants to do it! :-) Enjoy!!

God bless,


Judith said...

Love the guy tag thing! So different... I didn't know about your thing for sour patch kids : )

Tirzah said...

It's called a guy tag... and you tagged girls??? How could you!? I'm not sure I can do that! :P

Miracle said...

Great idea! Can't wait to do it...;)

Alli said...

Hey! Not fair! lol jk. =D
It's funny to read through this because it's a totally different kind of tag than the usual!
Some of those answers are gonig to be hard, though. My favorite "war" movie??? ;)

Thanks for the tag!!
God bless~ Alli =)