Wednesday, October 19, 2011


Hello Everyone!!

I attached a playlist onto my blog with all my favorite songs, this is mostly for Gracie so she knows I have some favorite songs! :-) I am trying to find one song, that matches with my favorite Bible scripture, Psalm 51, I heard the song on the radio once...and I am currently searching for it...but so far no luck, due to because I don't know what the title of the song was, who sung it, and I don't even remember most of the words. I know...impossible task. But nothing is impossible with God, I'll find it. :-)

Scroll down to the bottom of the blog if you'd like to see my playlist, I'll add more on there once I have more time (I am currently sitting in Caribou Coffee doing school and drinking coffee!)

Thanks for reading!

P.S. One of my followers gave me an awesome idea of making a "boy-ish" question post. :-) Good idea!! I am definetly going to do that, and I am going to tag all my girl followers and have them take it. :D Muhahaha! Just kidding, you won't have too...but I would appreciate it!


gracie said...

I Love Your Music!!! They are some of my favorite music too!
That PS made me laugh too!! I would take it if you made one;D

Alli said...

Josiah, I just read Psalm 51 the other day, and I know I've heard at least 2 or 3 songs based off verses in it... Is it called "Create in Me a Clean Heart"? Do you know which of the verses it was based on? or was it just kinda the whole thing?


Josiah said...


That may have been the song! I'll have to look it up on Playlist! Thank you!!! I think the song was based on the idea of Psalm 51.