Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Second Baptism

Hey all! I thought I would share these pictures with you, and write why I got baptized another time.

These pictures are in no order, sorry about that, but Blogger is so annoying to rearrange pictures...

All the people coming back from the water, there were more on chairs, about 50+ people witnessing our baptism. It was truly a blessing!

Me, in the back, talking with some friends of mine! The two guys in the striped shirts are the brothers of Gracie.

The awesome songs we sand, a couple I new by heart, but some were completely new and were lots of fun to try and sing correctly! :D

Listening to Gracie's dad!

Me, getting prayed for, it was a great prayer, it truly meant a lot to me.

Me, in the middle, getting baptized!

Listening to Gracie's dad and his brother talk about what baptism truly is, and asking us why we are getting baptized.

Gracie is the singer 2nd to last on the left. :-)

Walking out into the cold water!
I got baptized with a fellow Christian ( Gracie, meet her at her blog! ) She was the one who picked all the great songs. Her dad and my dad were the ones who baptized us, which I am really appreciative of, thanks Dad! (And Mr. K if your reading this!)

So, there's some pictures, my mom shared a couple different ones, I believe...on her BLOG.

I got baptized when I was 12 years old. I only got baptized because my parents, family, and friends were all Christians, and wanted to "fit in the circle". It was an unfaithful baptism. I didn't baptize for Jesus, but for myself.

Sunday, I got baptized, which means I died to the flesh (my sin) and gave myself to the Lord. I took an oath and I am accountable to not only God, but also to my family, friends and several people I hardly know: to keep the faith, not to stray from the path and to turn my life over to Jesus Christ, for as long as I live.

Well, that's pretty much it! Thanks for reading!

God bless everyone!

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Mrs. Taffy said...

You need a reaction choice that says- AWESOME!! Brought tears to my eyes! We'll be feasting together in heaven one day! Thank You God!

Dodi said...

That's so cool, Josiah!!
Praise the Lord!
God bless~

Alli said...

I think it's so neat that you got baptized in the lake! What an awesome experience!
God bless you now and always!!