Tuesday, January 31, 2012


Hello everyone!

If you notice on my play list on my blog, I added some new songs. The artist is Lecrae, and I really like him! :-)

I know what your thinking...what is a guy like me, a Christian, listening to Rap music for?? Well, the thing about Lecrae is that he is using his gift of rapping for Jesus by reaching out to teenagers all around the world. If you listen to the words closely, they are really great!

I recently bought his CD, Man Up, which is all about how men should act, what makes us a man, what defines us as men, what we shouldn't do, etc. It's really great, and it's a great encouragement for me while I struggle through the same things Lecrae is talking about.

Something Lecrae said before he started singing (this was at a concert I went to) he said, "don't give me the praise and glory for singing; I don't deserve it. Glorify Jesus, I sing to glorify Jesus."

Anyway, I thought I would share what I thought of this group, and why I am adding it onto my play list.

Before I came a dedicated Christian, I loved listening to rap...however it was full of sin and wasn't glorifying God at all. This is glorifying God and the words are fun to listen to because I enjoy this kind of music. 

Something Adrian Rogers wrote: "I care not how beautifully you sing; how eloquently you teach; how liverally you give; how cicumspectly you walk - if you are not endeavoring to bring souls to Jesus Christ, you're not right with God. You...are guilty of high treason against the King."

I believe that Lecrae is bringing souls to Christ with their message.

I also like to listen to Country music, but a lot of that is inappropriate. I mean, you got Randy Travis, which are great songs, but his voice gets tiring after awhile. :-)

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Matthew said...


I am glad you are looking at the spiritual condition of the artists! Most people don't do that these days, which saddens me. I just listened to one of his songs. I personally have some convictions against rap music but I am surprised that he talks about the Lord in his music. It's great to see people that do that! Thanks for sharing!


gracie said...

Hey Josiah!
I Really Like Lecrea too! He seems to be an authentic Christian who lives like he preaches! I Love his story too... Its So cool!!!
Any ways, It was good to see you guys the other night and I am glad we got to see you one more time before we left!
See ya,

Dodi said...

Hey Josiah!
I kinda like Lecrae too:)
I agree, he does have great lyrics!!!

Anonymous said...

I love Lecrae and know what you mean about country music.