Thursday, March 24, 2011

4 days!

Hello everyone!

Due to the Give-A-Way, I didn't write a blog post for a couple of days, just so that the Give-A-Way would be the first page up! :-)

Today, I'll be writing 4 days, into one post.

Day 19: A talent of yours.
A Talent of mine...I would have to say MultiTasking is my talent. I am really good at take control of many different things at once, and staying calm.

Day 20: A hobby of yours.

I love to Landscape, but I also love to Bowl. So I guess I have two hobbies! :-)

Day 21: Something you know you do differently than most people.

I'm a leader, I know how to take charge, when needed too...might sound like bragging, but I'm not, I'm just answering the question truthfully.

Day 22: A website.

A Website, The BLAZE This is a site I look at dozens of times each day. I read about what going on around in the world, in a truthful way.

Personal News:

I work at Jet's today, I won't stop working at Jet's until Next week. Everyone at work doesn't know yet, besides my Managers, and they are pretty bummed.

I think this Summer, I want to take it easy, not in a lazy way mind you, but I am so worn out from working in that kind of enviroment...that I don't think I can stand another job quite yet.

I'm going to purchase a membership at the YMCA. I'll ride my bike to the YMCA, that will be my work out, but then I'll "body-build" at the YMCA. Should be fun, and it will take up at least 2 hours of my day. So I shouldn't be bored.

Well, I better go, I still have school, :-)

God bless,

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Victoria said...

I have to agree with you on the bowling and landscaping part. You are pretty good at that stuff!
I think it is great that you are going to the YMCA! It will be great excersice to bike there.
Have a great day!


grandma said...

I like your summer plan. You might add in reading some good classic novels, or every Civil War book you can get your hands on. (just for fun). I bet your mom will need you as a driver too!

Lizzy said...

great pics! Tori Luna showed me your blog