Thursday, March 10, 2011

Day 8, 9, and 10

Yep, you read that Title right, 3 days in one post! I forgot yesterday's post, and I'm gonna be really busy here you go! :-)

Day 8: A thank you letter to someone who has changed your life.

Wow, this is a tough one...I could write to Jesus, and how he changed my life, but I decided that that I will post about a person that changed my life recently.


You changed my life in so many ways, it's hard to write them all down. You helped me get a job, told me the best ways to apply at businesses. You helped me when I'm having trouble, with school, personal problems, or life. You showed me how to be a follower of Christ, not how the world teaches me to be, but biblical. I know I can be a stubborn guy, foolish and angry...but Dad, you mean everything to me, and if it wasn't for you, I would be nothing. Thanks Dad, for being there when I need you, and helping me understand how to live life.

Day 9: A photo you took.

I'm not very good at taking pictures...just don't spend much time doing it. But here's a couple pictures with a small story attached...

My parents were not home, my grandma was visiting. Our grandma is super cool, she told us we can make any kind of dessert we want to, with her help. Well, I was 13 (I think) at the time and I decided I was too old to be having help in the kitchen...I was wrong! I decided to make a couple batches of cookies, and make cookie frosting sandwiches. My grandma was really nice and went to the store for me to get frosting, that's when I made the cookie dough. I used my mom's recipe, and I thought I did everything right, guess not... As you can see below, I somehow got the cookies to go all over the pan!

I didn't know what I did wrong, so I peeled all the cookies I baked and placed them on a plate. They were all destroyed, so I moved them into a cake pan, and smashed them down using a potato masher. I put the frosting on the cookies, and place chocolate sauce on some of it to create a smiley face! :-) It was a pretty rich cake, and no one could finish their piece...

   As you can see, the picture is not only fuzzy...but the cookies spread across the whole pan! :D I still don't know what I did wrong! What do you think?

                                       The Second Batch was a little better...but they still moved across the pan!! :D

Here's the cake!

Day 10: A photo of you taken over ten years ago.

I had to go look on my Mom's blog...but I couldn't find anything, I have a picture of me as a baby, so I'll post that...

Well, there you go! Hope you all have a wonderful day!



Victoria said...

Oh I remember when your mom or your sister posted about that on their blog! Lol! You look so cute when you were little! lol!


Alli said...

Haha.. you didn't put enough flour in, and if you used honey, did you put in too much?
There are approx. a million ways to ruin cookies. I know. I've done them... LOL!
Blessings~ Alli

p.s. nice cake:)

Jamie said...

I remember those cookie/cake pics!!! Wow, time flies!

Mrs. Taffy said...

You got me all teary eyed with that letter to your dad...he's going to be so blessed!

You should tell everyone that you were only 6 months old in that picture! My GREAT BIG BABY! :o)

So proud of you!

Judith said...

Great post!

Yes, I remember those cookies. That was all part of the adventure wasn't it. Mine don't always come out right either. And you were such a cutie with that shiny bald head. pinch!


Matthew said...


Great post! As for the poll on the side of your blog, dogs are my favorite animal but chickens are a close second. After that is probably horses :D

God Bless,

Matthew said...


Sorry to bother you so much, but please don't publish this either.. I'm doing the same thing I did last time... again.. so sorry if I'm causing any trouble.


Dodi said...

Hehehe,that is funny:)
I'm always baking cookies together!
But hey, I think the cake looks really good!
God bless~