Monday, March 7, 2011

Day 6: A moment you wish you could relive.

A moment I could relive, now that's a tough one!

I have a lot of "special" moments in life, but one of my favorite was probably owning chickens. I used to live on 5 acres, and I built a small coop for about 10 chickens, I was going to expand the amount of chickens to 100, but we moved... :-)

These are not my chickens, but I did have these same breeds

So, if I could relive a moment, I would have to say, owning chickens again would be my moment.

Personal Note : Today I am calling to set up my 2nd Behind The Wheel lesson, with Sean, a driver who makes sure I know the basics of driving. He'll be taking me to Minneapolis, and we'll probably do some parking too, freaky! :-O

I still haven't found a new job, and I have applied at a couple other places...praying for a position at some company!

Hope you have a wonderful school week!



Victoria said...

Ya, your house was pretty cool!
I hope you do good and I will pray for you about the job!


The Pendletons said...

Looks like you had a nice flock! I like all of those...are the red ones red stars or rhode island reds?
How long ago did you move? And is that a chicken tractor in the back of that picture?! Those things are GREAT!!! Did you have one?
Anything new with your job? I'll keep praying.

Josiah said...


I'm not sure...the lighter color hens look like Red Stars, and the darker color looks like Rhode Island Reds...

We moved 1 year we live in a suburb, with less than 1/4 acre. It looks like a chicken tractor, do you guys have one? I didn't, I made one that two people could lift up and move.

Nothing new with my job, still praying. Thanks for your prayers. I have been looking, but no one is hiring right now.

God Bless,


Jamie said...

I miss having chickens, too!! So nice to have fresh eggs! But still get them fresh, from a colony for only $1 a DZ! And they have fresh fryers too! We've butchered before, but I like having it done for us for cheap!

The Pendletons said...

No, we do not have a Chicken Tractor, but some friends have an amazing one!
Wow...that is a change going from 5 acres to 1/4. Your mom keeps a garden doesn't she?
Hope someone starts hiring soon. Do you have Chick-fil-A there? My cousin works at one and says it's super because the people who run it are Christian. They are the kind of place that is closed on Sundays and all. Still praying. :)