Sunday, March 20, 2011

A Give-A-Way

Today was a big step in "growing up" today... Let me first start this blog post with Day 18.

Day 18: A time when you felt passionate and alive.
I would have to say, that I felt this way, when I got my first job at Jet's Pizza.

I was so excited when I got hired. I got paid by the hour, and I was making money every week!

Today, I decided to leave that life, and change jobs.

I quit Jet's Pizza today, talked to the owners of the store, and told them why I quit. I told them I'll leave in 2 weeks, unless I find another job.

Thanks for all your prayers everyone, they meant a lot!

Anyway...Here's something for all of you to do...this is a "small" giveaway...but this is one everyone was excited for, so here you go!

$20 on this card!
This is a give-a-way. Hope you all enjoy it!

How to get Points:

Points allow you to have more chances of winning the prize, here are several way you can get extra points;

1. Follow My blog

2. Write on your blog about my contest

3. Write on Facebook about my contest

4. Have someone follow my blog, and have them referr you.

There you go! Make sure you leave your blog address, or your Facebook address on here if you decided to post about it!

Thanks all!


Remember to comment below if you are now, or have been following my blog, I will not add you as a contestant if you do not comment below about you following my blog. Thanks!


Michelle Givler said...

I am now following your blog, I will post this on FB, and I saw this on FB because of Tirzah. :)

Josiah said...

Mrs. Givler,

I noticed your Facebook Status! Thanks! But I didn't notice you following my blog, you not on there. :D I'll double check though....

Judith said...

Congratulations on your big step! I know it must have been hard, but now I bet you are breathing a sigh of relief.

Anna Faith said...

Following you!:)
When does it end?

Anna Faith said...

Posted about it on fb here:

Oh,And by the way I will posted about about it on our giveaway blog..

Anna Faith said...

I posted about it here:

Matthew said...

I'm going to try to do it! Do you want us to post all links on this post or on the most recent post?

Oh, and I'm following ;)



Pebblekeeper ~ Angie said...

Following Now! Ms. Angie from Petra School!

Miss Rachel B said...

I follow your blog!

April Cheung said...

i am now following!

yayapril at gmail dot com

Alli said...

I already follow you!
And I'll do a post tonight about your giveaway!


Victoria said...

I alredy follow your blog, I will write your contest on my blog, and I will post your blog giveaway on my moms face book account, I will try to get someone to follow your blog! This is a great idea! Have a great day!


The Pendletons said...

Well, you know that I am following it already. ;)
I don't have FB so no points there. ;) But...I did a post on TS about the give away since my family blog is just that, a family blog and not my own. ;)
And that is great that you were able to make the decision to quit. I will keep praying for God to lead you wherever He wants you!

Josiah said...

Thanks everyone! I made sure to add all of you to the contest! Thanks!

Dodi said...

Hey Josiah,I follow your blog:)
Great idea for a giveaway!

Danny said...

I follow, Josiah!

Dodi said...

I did a post about it! Ohhh,I hope i win, I hope I win:)

Jamie said...

Hey Josiah, well I already follow your blog andI'll put the link on my FB!!!

Hope you find a great job soon!!!

Mrs. Richmond

Lauren said...

I'm following you :)

{if I win, you can contact me at spinningbarefoot [at] gmail [dot] com}

Josiah said...

Alright, I added all of your Give-A-Way will have a little better set up. My mom is good at that kind of stuff! :D She'll help me with it.

Thanks everyone!


Anonymous said...

Followed and shared on my FB! :)

Emily Pendleton said...

Bummer! Guess I won't get any points! I don't have a blog or a Facebook page. :(

Josiah said...


I'll go ahead and give you a point. :D

Have a great week everyone!

Josiah said...


I need your real name to be able to add you onto the Give-A-Way...Thanks!

The Director said...

Hey, thanks for entering my giveaway- I found your blog through your wonderful comments, and now I'm following you! (one entry point right there, haha)
Your blog is pretty awesome :)

Great giveaway, by the way :D

Anonymous said...

I'm a new follower via GFC. Thanks so much for the giveaway!
maddiemb {at} comcast (dot) net

Anonymous said...

I shared this giveaway on Facebook here:
maddiemb {at} comcast (dot) net

Anonymous said...

Great giveaway Josiah. I allready follow your blog and I did a post about your blog this morning. Have a good day...week...month...year!

AubreyLaine said...

Thanks for the chance :)
I follow via GFC

Emily Pendleton said...

Oh! And I forgot to tell ya that Anna referred me to your blog, so please be sure to give her a point. ;)

Thanks for the point you gave me. :D

P.S. Heard you are going to be a big brother- again- next week! Congrats and praying for you all! So exciting!

The Pendletons said...

Woo hoo! Em got me another point lol! (In case you are not sure, Josiah...Emily is my older sister ;)
Wow! 31 comments! That is a record! It's amazing how Starbucks brings people together lol!
Praying for your mom and whole family as you prepare and welcome the new baby! Soooo exciting!

Hannah said...

I follow you. Posted on fb.
I'll refer it to a friend. :)

Kendra said...

I followed you! And Hannah sent me over, so that will give her an extra point. ;)

Elisa Kate said...

I am a follower. :)

Elisa Kate said...

I posted about it

Elisa Kate said...

It's on facebook. :D My blog linked it automatically...if that counts... :P