Monday, March 14, 2011

Day 13

Day 13: A guilty pleasure.

Eating. One word...that's my guilty pleasure. I eat to much!

Not only can I eat a lot, but I can eat faster than most people. :-)
I'm always done first at the dinner table. I always get accused of "not tasting my food."

Food, is my third favorite thing on the planet! :-)

This was a short post, but I need to finish school and get my chores done, I have an interview tonight with Sears! NERVOUS!

God bless,

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grandma said...

Me too - eating! especially desserts! But, I eat slowly savoring every taste...unlike the guys in my house!

Good luck at your job interview. Remember, they WANT you to be the perfect fit! If you are, you'll get it, if you aren't, just as well. Think of the interview as an educational experience. I think a young man who is not tattooed, or wearing earrings, or unkept hair, or sloppy attire, would be just who they are hoping for!