Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Day 14

Day 14: A Vacation that you'd like to take.
I don't really care for Vacations, I myself think their too stressful. But I maybe that's because, our vacations include, driving in a packed car for 6 hours straight, hanging out in a small hotel room, and usually getting sick. :-) It's true, we went to Washington D.C. last year, and in Ohio, we got so sick, we couldn't move off the floor!

If I had to pick a vacation, I think I would go to Texas, not only for the sites, but to see what it's really like down there!

What would you favorite idea for a Vacation be?

Remember : I want to publish your blog on my blog, if you send me your blog button, to wiserstill_josiah@msn.com I will publish it on my blog!

What do you want? : I am going to have a Give-a-Way soon, and I want to know what you would like!
Comment below and tell me if you want a book, a toy, a CD, a Movie, Gift card, food, anything and you just might win it! :-)



Mrs. Taffy said...

Well...if you want to know what I want...I would like to win a gift card to a coffee place! :o) But that's probably no surprise to you!

And...I have to remind you that nobody go sick when we went to DisneyLand. And...if you will kindly remember, that last vacation we took was 30+ days long and included moving, that's why it felt like you were in the car and hotels so much! Besides Washington D.C. and Ohio we also visited: New York, Niagra Falls, Canada, Virginia, Pennsylvania, Chicago, South Dakota, not to mention all the states between here and Washington! That was a HUGE trip!

Let's go thrift store shopping in England next?! Woohoo!

Victoria said...

Oh that must have been pretty awful! I would probably want to go to florida! Have a great day!


grandma said...

hmmm, I'm thinking Hawaii - Just to relax and take pictures and eat tropical fruits.

I bet Texas would be interesting! I lived there when I was in the third grade so I don't remember a lot.

I would like a non-fat latte from Starbucks!


Matthew said...


I have to say Gift Card. My suggestion would be to get it for Barnes and Noble (if there is any there) you would be able to get a CD or book. They have lots of Christian CD's and Christian books. If not in the store, on the site. Great idea! If I had more readers I'd do one also.

God Bless,

Danny said...

Have you gotten a job yet? I would go to Texas, too, or Idaho, or maybe Israel.

Alli said...

Our family is hoping to visit Texas this year! I can't wait!!!