Sunday, March 13, 2011

Day 11, and Day 12

Sorry Everyone, I keep forgetting to POST! :-)

Day 11: A photo of you taken recently.
I don't take pictures...that's what my mom is best at! :-) So I'll post the latest picture my mom took.

I think my little brother is just, awesome! :-) This is him, making a clover with his mom for school. Each leaf of the clover, represents a part of God. God the Father, Holy Spirit, Jesus Christ.

Day 12: A song that you want played at your wedding(or was played).

I haven't had a any of you are my friends on Facebook, you will notcie that I am "single".
If I was to have music playing at my wedding, I would have my Fiance choose, I think music is great, but the music I listen to, would be kinda awkward at a wedding! :-)

This week is going to be really busy for me, so please forgive me if I don't post posts continually through the week...

Monday - School, Bowling, Interveiw with Sears

Tuesday - School, Bowling League, then work at 5:00

Wednesday - School, Driving to Minneapolis with my driving instructor.

Thursday - School, Bowling, then work at 4:00 ( I'll probably quit my job this day, not sure yet)

Friday - School, Bowling, then work at 4:00, then an meeting (using Skype) with the Transformed Team! at 9:30pm

Saturday - Fellowship with some awesome guys! Then some free-time!

So as you see, busy week...

Thanks everyone, hope you all had an awesome weekend, enjoy your "hopefully busy" week!



The Pendletons said...

Wow! Busy, busy again!
Ahh...driving! Have fun...I am still too scared to drive, but I think I am going to go my permit within the next couple of months. (I know...17 is late to get it) After that wreck, I just don't like being in the car! But...I think I have gotten better now. The book is just sooo boring lol!
Laffy Taffy is sooo cute! Very cute picture!
I'll be praying that quiting goes well...hope it goes smoothly.
Have a great week!

The Pendletons said...

Hey do I join Transformed? Every time I try it just says "sign in with account".

Judith said...

Busy week in a good way! Looks like a lot of BOWLING!

You should play some kind of classical music at your wedding. Pachelbel canon, Mozart...but you are right, best to consult with fiance.

Have a good week.


Victoria said...

Wow! Looks like you have a pretty busy schedgule! I hope you get that job! And yes, Our whole family saw that you are single on Facebook. lol!
Have a great day!